Monday, October 24, 2016

Lollipop Ghosts

Mister Bennett and I spent Monday evening crafting a fun Halloween treat for his classmates. As a kid we always made these in school with tissue paper and rubber bands. But as an adult, you utilize your leftover white fleece from Halloween costumes and get to work! (Apologies in advance for the terrible dark iPhone photos, it was Monday night, forgive me?)
You'll need the following items:
- Lollipops (any variety, but large types like blowpops or tootsie pops often work best)
- String, yarn or something to secure fabric 
- White fabric or tissue - cut in roughly 6x6 squares
My fabric was fleece, and I measured it by making it about the size of my hand. 
Next, you place a sucker directly in the center...
Then you simply wrap the fabric all the way around the top of the sucker.
And secure with string (or whatever you're using) around the base of the lollipop and on the stick. 
Last but not least, you get to make them all cutesy! We drew faces on with a Sharpie 
And added fun embellishments and name tags on the sticks for a festive addition! 
This little three year old was super impressed suckers could be turned into ghosts and was so excited to share them with his friends at school. 
Give us a holiday and we'll find a craft, having kids is so much fun! Otherwise I'd be eating a lot of ghost suckers all by myself! 






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