Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On the Move

This post could go one of two ways. I could tell you all about my sweet little Lainey gal and how much she is growing and moving. Or, I could tell you all about the big move back to Louisville and the updates that are to come! Since my sweet little Lainey will be one next week - I have a feeling this little bloggy is gonna be on Lainey overload soon, so I'll focus on the later subject and share what's to come.

Shane and I were married in 2011 ... and we've moved three times since that day.  This home will be our fourth move and it's probably the one I am most excited about from a house perspective. It's no secret around here that I LOVE a good renovation and keeping things fresh. Change is something I am addicted to, so this is right up my alley. For the most part, we've usually updated or renovated a few rooms in the houses we've owned and then simply done mostly cosmetic changes to the rest of the house. However, in our new home we are doing a FULL renovation and changing close to every single room. I'm talking putting our laundry room in a current dining room, making an office into a master closet, etc. so it has my creative brain on overdrive and I love it!

We spent a good portion of last week back in Louisville, and I had back to back to back meetings with architects, contractors, cabinet designers, flooring galleries, etc. and it was so fun! Shane had some management meetings about an hour and a half north of Louisville, coupled with a red carpet event we attended Friday night so the kids and I thought it would be a good time to head back as well and get some balls rolling. Of course GoGo joined us because what on earth would I do without her?Plus, she's been through this process probably more times than she cares to admit, so I always appreciated her opinion and guidance. And I'm happy to say the ball is rolling, and rolling fast!
With that ... I want to share a few "before" photos of the house so that I can keep you (and myself) updated during the renovation; and then look back at this once we are 100% complete and hopefully give myself a big ole pat on the back. The pictures below are the realtor photos from when we purchased the home. Before we start demolition I want to go in and get pictures of the vacant rooms, because I think you can get a better feel for the space without all of the bulky furniture in the way. The furniture has a way of making the space feel "as it should" where with an empty room I think you can do a much better job playing/designing and starting with a literal blank slate.

All of my homes have for the most part been decorated in a traditional meets rustic fashion and I am forcing myself this time to go a little outside my comfort zone. I want to stay true to what I love ... warm cozy, weathered etc. but I want to introduce a lot of farm house as well. Really focusing on lots of exposed reclaimed wood, barn doors on sliding tracks, all the goodies like that and I'm having so much fun!

So, without further adieu welcome to the new house (when it's finished I'll welcome you to our new HOME)! ~ Future plans are to paint the exterior a white/cream or something light with perhaps stonewashed bricks.
Entry/Foyer ... This space will obviously be de-wallpapered and expanded well into the the next room along with exposing the basement staircase. The right encasement to the current formal living room will be the new office and have large barn doors on sliders so your initial entry into the home will really set the tone. 
 Formal living that will soon by our home office! We're planning to include lots of built ins and making the fireplace a nice focal point with richer colors.
Formal Dining room that will soon become our laundry/hobby room.  This room will have tons of extra storage space, a craft table for all of my projects I get myself in to and tons of fun stuff for the kiddos to let the creative juices flow! Three cheers for large utility rooms!
Kitchen ... that will remain our kitchen ... but it will expand into the current great room. We will also be blowing out the eat in kitchen wall and adding on a great room addition to the back of the house. This was the appointment I was most excited about when I met with the cabinet designer. We played with some AWESOME ideas I can't wait to share with you! Mixing and matching will be the name of the game in the kitchen with some painted cabinets, some stained, reclaimed wood and funky fun farmhouse hardware. Whoop!

I am so sad to see this go, because I love it so. But with the new layout we'll be adding the grill space back in and re-purposing every ounce of material we can to save costs. But the current grill unit will become our great room and off the great room we will be adding a covered porch, so unfortunately the current doesn't get to stay.

Here's the view of the entire back yard and the photo that made me fall head over heels in love with the house. I stood in this very spot the first time we looked at the house and teared up. I couldn't help but get emotional thinking about so many things. Imagining my children and their friends growing up in that back yard sealed the deal for me.
The current landscaping you see will become grass and great room.
Current great room ... that will become our eat-in kitchen/dining room and a walk out to a new covered porch. To the right (not pictured) will be our coffee nook hostess cabinet and small wet bar - to which my husband is requesting a keg-orator. We do own a beer company after all, so I had to get craft when talking to the cabinet company about that one!
Current home office ... will be our master closet! Wahooo! We're scaling down the window and hopefully adding in a small island!
Master Bedroom ... to be updated! Aside from the entry way (not pictured) this part of the space isn't changing from a design stand point.
 Master bath ... this room will be blown out and reconfigured.
Bennett's bedroom! The downstairs great room addition may effect his window ... so we may be adding another window and a pocket door to his bathroom - which will also be updated.

Lainey's bedroom! Will have a window seat and adding a bathroom.
My favorite bedroom upstairs that will become Lainey's closet and bathroom.
Guest bedroom upstairs ... to be updated - along with the guest bath.

Bedroom upstairs that will become loft playroom.  And this hallway will be blasted and widened to accommodate the play area.

Basement ... it will get new furniture and new paint job ... but it's not really being touched.
Basement office -- will become Shane's room to do whatever he wants with. Office, workout, Louisville athletic decor (BOOOOOO), etc. I'm giving him free reign in this space ... I can't wait to see how he chooses to play with it!
Basement bath and guest bath along with guest bedroom ... will be updated. We may also add an egress window pending budget.

And so far, that's where we are! I should have final drawings, budgets and plans this week and I'll do another post to let you see the new layout, designs, etc. Looking forward to this process and can't wait to start knocking down walls!
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  1. This house is seriously amazing. SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!


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