Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bike Taxis, Boutiques and Blissful Bites

The title of this post pretty much sums up the most fabulous trip to Charleston, SC.  Here's a little look book at some of the things we did along the way during the most perfect week. Take me back, right now.

We boarded the plane with Daddy!

And arrived at one of the NICEST hotels ever … Belmond at The Charleston Place.

We ate …

And ate again …

 And took a short nap on the table ..

And then woke up to demand more food.

Then we shopped…

Then ate some more.

Then took a ferry ride to the Aquarium and ate a sucker along the way.

Then looked at some of the fishes.

Drank a little bit … 

Played in the pool.

 Went to Folly Beach and played on the pier.

Dreamed of living there.

Ate some more.

Played peek-a-boo 400 times.

Took bike taxis nearly everywhere.

Especially to eat again.

And ate ice cream.

And took another bike taxi.

Then ate some snacks.

Took a little drive to see the most beautiful Boone Plantation. The most photographed plantation in the USA. Gorgey.

Then we took little mister to the coolest toy store ever.

And took another bike taxi to dinner.

And rounded out our last meal with the most delicious Italian food you've ever had. Well, except for that time I lived in Italy … it may have been just a little better there ;)

Then we rocked our baby Sperry's all the way home … on a bike taxi.

I promise we did more than eat good food and free load on the back of someone's bike … or wait … maybe we didn't :)

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