Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Photo Sesh

I think all I do is post pictures .... so why not share more?  Remember that trip to Destin I chatted about? Well, while on said trip we hooked up with a mutual friend and had her take some family photos for us. Holy amaze, she did stellar. Seriously, so so happy with them. If you're ever in the Destin/Northern Florida area you should TOOOOTALLY check her out. She was great to work with, super relaxed and wallet friendly: Mallory Lane Photography!

Instead of making this post 18 pages in length and feeling the need to incessantly caption every photo ... I'll just share the Shutterfly book I worked so hard to digitally scrapbook with you, mmk?! :) We gave this to my Mother-In-Law for her birthday this past weekend.

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