Friday, September 12, 2014

Life Lately {Photo Dump}

I couldn't handle it anymore. That little red circle with number one inside floating in the righthand corner of my app icon can no longer be ignored. Therefore, I must update my software on both my iPhone and my computer and that entails hooking up the ole' phone to the computer which in turn leads to syncing and and a walk down recent memory lane. Plus, it's nearly fall .. so I really need to purge the overload of summer photos.

Sidenote: does anyone else loathe updating their software as much as I do? I have no idea why, but I absolutely hate it and put it off for months at a time. I have an internal fear it's going to delete everything I have and I won't like it, so I avoid it at all costs … or well at least until I'm annoyed enough by said icon.

Annnnnd here we are. Rambling about annoying little red icons. So let's just share some photos shall we? Here's a little bit of what's been happening round here.

We like to make sure we tell daddy to have a good day at work.
And drive extra safe. 
 And take selfies with our besties before heading to an impromptu concert post gals night dinners.
 And finish our pool days with bomb pops.
 And head to All About Kids gymnastics class when it rains.
 And go to music festivals that our friends do and stuff. Holly's in the middle. She's kind of a big deal when it comes to Forecastle.
 And seek out fun Chi O things at said music festivals.
 And sing as loud as you can with your hubby because it's fun pretending your 18 again.
 But then be smacked back into reality when your little one comes down with a nasty virus that's name is almost as bad as it really is: Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  So you take him to the doctor and are told it is only contagious to children.
 But a 103.5 fever and cold chills so bad they make you walk outside on the porch to lay in the 100 degree heat because you too have the virus.
 And then boom, you're all better and you eat ice cream and stuff.
 And read books naked of course.
 And prepare colorful toddler meals because you have no idea what he will actually agree to eat that day.
 And then take him to the pool and pray it wears him out so he naps extra long and you can finally get some work done.
 And then take family selfies.
 And thank your heavens this little dude came into your life.
 And celebrate the birth of a close family friends new baby: Julia!
 And snuggle her newborness.
 And ride a horsey.
 And play with our neighbors!
 And celebrate something major that is happening { THE PGA } .
And there you have it, life lately round hurrr. Later tater.

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