Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Wore Real Pants Today + Other Nonsense

This post is titled exactly what I want to tell you: 'I Wore Real Pants Today'. And by real pants I mean yoga pants. And by yoga pants I mean cotton maternity legging type pants that are really stretched out and soft and not like yoga pants at all. Either way, I'm counting them as real pants and boy did it feel nice. I've been in mostly loose pajama pants or MC Hammer type sweats (which actually happen to be in style thank goodness) for literally two months because of everything I had going on with my leg, but I got my drain out yesterday (WAHOO!) and thought I'd give my sweats a little break. It's got me all frazzled, because I would look down today and be like "ohmigosh I'm wearing real pants!" And therefore this entire post is 5 minutes inside my head .. and will likely make absolutely zero sense. So, there's that. Regardless, I wore real pants and Lainey was proud of me.
And poor Lainey. I realized I completely spaced and didn't take her 6 month pictures nor did I update the blog with all she did. I mean I realize I had a little going on, but let's be honest ... I've been on moderate bed rest and complaining about being bored ... In reality I have zero excuse. And for that Lainey Lou, I am very sorry. I'll be sure to update next month and do a long recap to make up for lost time. Although according to her wagon ride reaction, I don't think she seems to mind. Additionally, this outfit is now retired. Lainey has worn it twice and been called a boy both times (thanks red + black) ... so next time there will either be a bow on her head, or the leggings will be pink. Just FYI to anyone dressing her.
While I'm on the Lainey topic, I'm super excited for next month because the church called yesterday and confirmed her Baptism date! I was hoping she'd be able to wear her brother's Baptism garb, but I have a feeling she won't fit. And furthermore, it's a good reason for me to buy her a dress we can heirloom. I mean obviously :) I will most definitely be repeating the monogram moccasins however, because we still have B's and they make me smile. On a personal note, both of my children will be baptized Catholic. We will be bringing them up in both Catholic and Christian churches, as Shane and I are/were open to both and we too were exposed to both. It may appear a bit unconventional, but it works for us!

We're coupling the Baptism with a little BUB's birthday party, so family that is driving in from out of town only have to make one trip. Lainey will be baptized early on Sunday and then little mister will come home and we'll have all his buddies over and celebrate his THIRD birthday!! Holy, how is he already three?! I've been working on designing his invitations this week and ya'll I am SO excited with how they've turned out. I was graphic artist geeking out during naptime the last couple of days adding a little here, changing the font style there, and I'm pretty happy with the final design. If one doesn't show up in your inbox and you want to join the party (because you can always use a reason to celebrate or visit Music City ... shoot me a text or email and I'll let you know the details, seriously). The best Sunday Funday in all of June! Can't wait to recap the event, I'll share the invitation details once I drop them in the mail for a little sneak peak. I'm excited and I wore real pants today, okay? Deal with it.

Maggie will be at the party as well, and hopefully she'll have shed a few pounds by then. Poor Maggie. We took her to the vet today and they reminded us of the obvious ... Maggie is fat ya'll. This whole not living in a neighborhood and no sidewalks outside of our front door thing is really not boding well for poor Mag's waistline. They also gave us a tooth cleaning kit and said we needed to work on those. And cut back on her snacks. Poor Maggie. If you come to the party next month, give her a little love tap. She could use some encouragement.
My brother's love to make fun of Maggie, but we'll forgive them. Because they both came to visit to make me smile for a little bit, so I've got to give them that.
And the baby brother indulged with me by drinking wine, roasting marshmallows, chasing a toddler, and playing a fun game of music memories. And his sweet girlfriend came too! Literally one of my favorite nights so far this year. 
Family ya'll. The one thing that's remained normal throughout the anti-normalcy that's been taking place around these parts. They officially packed their bags and "moved out" last Saturday and we're running (or in my case limping) around like we have no idea how we are supposed to live our lives. I mean we used to do this every day. At least I think we did? All day every day. But then again I was wearing normal pants on the reg back then, so maybe that made life make a little more sense? Either way, for some reason now that GoGo isn't here to put Lainey to bed + feed the kids or talk to me about whatever ridiculous topic I've gone off tangent about ... Or PaPaw isn't around to make Bennett invisible, clean out our garage or force us to complete tasks ... Or Sissy isn't here to make us dinner, we've lost all sense of how things are supposed to go down! Geesh! We sure do miss them!

One item we were capable of tackling ourselves however took place in Bennett's room. I plan to devote an entire post to it once it's all complete... but here's little hint ... Notice anything missing? I'm sure you can guess the rest. 
And if you can't ... He'd be happy to report about it. And has A LOT to say!
I on the other hand am happy to report that new house slippers are on their way and I couldn't be more excited. Ya'll blood thinners make me SO COLD. Like my feet are ALWAYS frigid and therefore I'm always rocking house slippers. But, because my right foot is a little swollen (rats!) my slippers are a little snug and so new ones are in order. A little mini man has been sensing that house slippers are cool and therefore requested a pair of his own (after stealing mine every chance he could get). So we hunkered down and scoured Amazon together. I let him choose. It was a long, adorable (annnd mildly painful) decision making process that took entirely too long. But, inevitably he landed on Lightening McQueen slippers and he seems pretty stoked with his choice. 

And the only other item I can think to continue to babble about is my new chair. Obviously with our health situation and healing limb, it's ideal I stay out of the sun this summer mostly to allow my scars time to heal. We've got a couple of trips coming up and events where being in the sun all day and sitting is close to our only option. So, I've taken to the interwebs to up my level of nerdiness in public. And it's all starting with my seriously serious soccer mom chair. Ya'll really though, Amazon dropped off this little diddy today and I squealed as I unpackaged it. First, the built-in fully adjustable, collapsible, removable side moving umbrella. Holla! Second, the three positions the back of the chair can move in, from straight up and down to nearly full recline. Third, the armrest cooler that holds four drinks + boasts an attached bottle opener. And last but not least, I need to keep my leg elevated (like an unreasonable amount of time and sitting is one of the worst things unless it's elevated right now) so the optional footrests ... hello perfect folding chair. Looking forward to hanging with you. 
And last but not least, I am starting to get really into SnapChat. Do ya'll like it as much as I do? It's so fun now that I've really grasped the whole concept. My only wish is that I could search people or follow people without knowing their snapcode or snap username. Is there a way around this that I haven't figured out yet? Or is the rest of the world wondering the same thing? Either way ... the grass is mowed and I documented it on Snapchat.
Actually I'm lying, it's not. But hey, I wore real pants today!

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  1. You and your family are just adorable! I found your blog on Friday favorites several months ago and have loved reading your posts. You are a great writer! I am also from Nashville so that makes it even more interesting! I have been praying for your complete healing and am thankful that you are making such great progress. Will keep you in my prayers and hoping for a great summer for you!

    1. Awe thank you Julie! So fun .. maybe we'll run into one another sometime! I've learned Nashville, while big, can also be incredibly small :)

  2. This post is so much fun! Love all the randomness. :) So exciting your drain is out. I bet it is an adjustment getting used to everyone not being around anymore! So glad to hear everything is going well and you have lots of fun in the future, complete with your soccer mom chair!

    1. Too much going on in this brain of mine :) must get outside more. Ha!

  3. Awesome post! Glad you are back to blogging! :)


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