Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roadster Romance

Our anniversary weekend came and went way too fast. Good weekends always do. It's true what they say...time does fly when you're having fun! 

Friday night we met up with some friends at Local Taco in Sylvan Park.  Then headed home to let hubby get his weekly jaw clenching session in during the University of Louisville football game. He is SO intense during these games y'all! We call it his "couch focus" and it makes me laugh. And Lainey was feeling dapper in her new dress, so that makes me smile. 
Saturday we woke up and headed to snag some yummy breakfast bagels before Bennett's baseball practice. After practice we got cleaned up and headed to little miss Caroline's first birthday party! 

And then later that afternoon hubs rolled up in this dream ride.  He's such a hopeless romantic. he rented it for our anniversary date night. My dream car since I've been like 16 is a 1956 Jaguar XK 140 Roadster (also known as he Cruel Intentions car) and this car was really similar.  It was an Excalibur roadster and so fun. A total head turner. Just like Shane ;) (wink wink - I'm so sly).

Hubs planned to have a sitter for the kids and he whisked me away in the sweet ride! We took a scenic drive to enjoy the car and the company before heading to Germantown for a few celebratory drinks and a yummy dinner. We stopped at SILO first and then rounded out the night with City House and that belly ham pizza with fresh egg. Yummmmm. 

Sunday was a bit of a slow start, but once we were up at at em I took the kids for some Sunday BBQ while hubby had an appointment. After our bellies were full, Bennett carefully selected a Popsicle from his favorite 12 South spot, Las Paletas, and then we wrapped our afternoon at Sevier Park
We came home, took a family nap (yes you hear Angels singing - AHHHMAZING) and then got cleaned up for a fun dinner at Jack's house. 

So much food. So much fun. So many friends. So much family. So many laughs in the roadster. 
Shrimp/Crab boils are the best.I need someone to host one every weekend. Who wants to call dibs on next weekends? Just let me know what time I should plan on coming over!

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