Friday, September 9, 2016

Five Years

Tomorrow I'll wake up and I'll have been a wifey for five years. Shane always says he doesn't understand why birthdays are cause for such large celebrations, all you have to do is stay alive and you get to celebrate. He says the real celebrating should happen at anniversaries. Anniversaries are product of real effort. Tangible days, items and effort put forth to work at something, build it up and make it last. While, we're only a mere five years in ... you can bet we're celebrating.
Reminiscing about what I mentioned last year on our anniversary, it only seems right to catch ya up on the Cliff Notes of the last five years.  There was this boy ... I knew him when we were in our teens, but was never interested in him. And then one day, many years later in college he asked me to his fraternity's fall formal and I was hooked. Even later I saw him on campus in sweatpants and a backwards hat and he made my heart skip a beat (ask my mom ... she went to class and slept through biology with me that day, ha!). Then I moved to Italy thinking that'd be the end of it ... but I proceeded to call him and fall in love with him and his skype renditions of 90's boy band songs. He showed up on the porch of my college house with a Subway sandwich and a gas station rose and asked me to be his "for real girlfriend". He later told me one afternoon before English class he loved me. Then, after we graduated from college he put together an elaborate plan and proposed. 16 months later we tied the knot in Louisville, KY and it's a day I want to relive over and over again. We purchased and renovated our first home together. A year and a half after that we gave birth to our son. Then we packed our bags and moved to Nashville, TN. Two years after our son, we gave birth to our daughter.  This year, we traveled to hell and back and there was no one that could have stood by my side better than him.

And now nearly 9 years of love nonsense later later here we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary, and he's still the one. The one that makes my heart skip a beat. And the one I pray every night God continues to let me wake up to every day for forever. He's the real deal ya'll and I love him with my whole heart.
Today we celebrate my love. The day. The best day. Our Wedding Day. September 10th, 2011. Five years ago today: The day I married HIM.
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