Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daddy's Blinded by Love

Bliiiiiinded by the liiigggghhhht!! Revved up like a Bennett, another runner in the night. Oookay, so that lyric worked out much better in my head, than it did when re-reading it. But nevertheless, I have no alternative intro, therefore it shall stay.

So, I don't know if it's custom or if people just do it or don't, but I decided to get hubs a little gift with the arrival of his first born son.  Not that his son is not more than enough gift himself, because he absolutely 100% is more than that and beyond. But I just felt like I needed to commemorate the occasion, and say a little personal thank you to hubs for putting up with me for the last 9 months ... and for the TREMENDOUSLY amazing helping hand he has been during this rough transition home (big Bennett blog debut & birth story details to come! ~ promise!)

Shane is my absolute best bud, and sharing this experience with him has been amazing. I can't imagine going through it with anyone else ... or having the ability to remain standing on my own two feet without him by my side. He's my rock. My truly better half. My over indulged dose of optimism. And just Shane ... which is more than enough (que tears ... damn hormones).

Sap aside ... Bennett and I ventured to find him what we thought was the perfect gift. A brand new pair of shades, so he doesn't get blinded by our love ;0) Wahahahaha! Yes, I did indeed see this on a Pinterest post from a wedding reception ... but I thought it could be repurposed here right? 
Plus, I've kind of started a fun tradition with the boys and sunglasses.  When hubs went on his bachelor party to Vegas with all the fellas, I sent him with a surprise package with specific instructions of when and how to open.  Now, to my understanding as I've heard the rehash from his friends ... it did not go down exactly as I'd planned.  Probably my own fault, because I did tell him to wait until the first night to open it ... not taking into account the first night occurs after the first day.  And well with those boys and Vegas I'm surprised it happened at all ;)

I wish I could find the original poem ... but basically I wrote them a rather humorous (or at least I thought so) poem and sent each of them a little something from me.  A pair of black knock-off ray bans (similar to the ones above) and a funny bachelor party koozie with Shane-versioned quotes from the movie: The Hangover.  The sunglasses and koozies made it into several pictures from the weekend and it was a fun way for me to say thanks to the guys for being such good pals to my hubs ;) So, I'll chalk it up as a win.

Next, our July 4th celebration was spent in our living room chillin' with our favorite little man.  Hubs was getting a bit stir crazy and I think all of the social media posts about his buddies celebrating one of the best holidays around put some extra wind in his sails. He ran downstairs dressed like a 4th goon and Bennett, my mom, and mom-in-law laughed hysterically. Lucky for me ... I had purchased Bennett a fresh pair of aviators and some sweet American flag swim trunks long before Thursday ... so I knew we had to take advantage of the photo op.

Seriously ... I can't handle the cuteness. 

Long winded story to make the point ... this is just one of the many reasons why sunglasses were chosen as his daddy gift.  So here's what hubs got to open ... I think they're mighty fine!
Men's Prada Linea Rossa Polarized Sunglasses
But, even better news ... if he ain't 100% smitten about them, Sunglass Hut has a SWEET return policy and will allow him to bring them back within 90 days to exchange, return or even get a full refund.  So that makes me a happy camper! Plus ... when I originally picked them in the store the ones I liked had a tiny scratch on the lens ... and I KNEW this would not fly with Mr. Shane. So, I asked if she would mind calling a few of the other local locations to see if anyone else had a pair.  Lucky for me ... they did ... but because of the "hassle" which it was not at all, she gave me a $50 off coupon. SCORE! 

I also added in a little car kit. And another awesomeness ... they refill the lens cleaner for free ... FOREVER. For-ever-ever. And, the kit I got him has the sunglass cleaning solution, a micro-fiber cleansing cloth, comes in a very swaggified manly case, and since they're an aviator style - a mini screw driver so he can tighten those bad boys as needed. 
Whooop whoop!  Bennett and I are so lucky to have him in our lives ... and wanted to make sure he had a little token to know just how much we appreciate him! 

We love you Shane! Muah <3

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