Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just. Shut. Up.

Anyone who knows my husband at all knows music keeps him alive. He lives his life singing to a never ending sound track of the most random songs. And most often, songs that he ends up making up his own lyrics to, because although the boy's got rhythm and can actually carry a decent tune ... lyric memorization is NOT his strong suit. Nevertheless, Maggie and I love him for it (and Bennett soon will too). Most times we laugh, sometimes we correct him ... but almost always we inevitably end up singing along ;0)

Sometimes however ... when it's entirely too early, or after a long day (I know my college roommates hear me on this one), or when we simply want some quiet time. We offer a hugely dramatic eye roll ... hubs smiles to himself and pipes down. Don't get us wrong ... we love him and his songs ... but sometimes we ladies like quiet time and hearing "I ate the walrus" belted at the top of his lungs in lieu of "I am the walrus" is just not suitable.

Today, my favorite wiener friend decided to have my back and told dad to shut up enough for the both of us.  And, thanks to Instagram's new video gig I happened to be playing with ... I caught the entire scene on tape. Hysterical laughter later ensued. Oh happy day ... it really is all about the little things :0)

Thanks Maggie ... I feel ya girl!

Lucky for her, Maggie is going to get a much needed break before we turn her world upside down. She's got just a few days left of being star of the show before she's not only wanting to tell the hubs to shut his pie hole, but she'll have a baby to contend with as well!  Uncle Max (my baby bro) is the best and has offered to hold the fort down while we're away.  He's going to keep Maggie content until it's time for her to meet her new little brother! 

And officially ... as of today ...the wait is finally over and we're all prepping for the big show that is set to begin tonight.  Little man has officially passed his due date and if yesterday's Ultrasound was correct, he's going to be a good size baby. We're scheduled to head to the hospital this evening to begin the induction process. BUB should probably be joining us sometime late Friday evening/early Saturday morning.  Ohmigoodness, I am so excited/nervous/anxious I can hardly stand it!

Thank you already to all of you that have been sending your love and well wishes. I woke up today to a completely full screen of good luck messages and texts and it was the absolute BEST way to start my day!  Shane and I are constantly talking about how lucky we are, and feel so blessed walking into this with so much love and support.  And we have all of you to thank for that.

So, that's it for today. If you need me I'll be impatiently patiently waiting until it's time to head to the hospital ;0) 

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