Monday, February 16, 2015

Australia: Cairns Part II - Photo Dump

Looks like my sly online comments from my original Cairns post worked … Penny handed over the pictures :)  I realize, I've already recapped you, but I felt compelled to share the additional images after making such a big deal about it. I'll try to keep my mouth shut so you can enjoy the look book without my repetitive commentary, but I'm not making any promises.

Saturday, December 20
Snorkeling/Diving the Great Barrier Reef - Chartered Catamaran out of Port Douglas 


Jon Ryan heading in for his first Dive!

 Even Baby B got to play!!

 Sunday, December 21
Paronella Park and Queensland Waterfalls

Creeping on Uncle Max :)

 Getting artsy :)
 Lovebirds ...
 And more lovebirds + one ...
 And sibling love.

 Just a boy playing with sticks.
 Oh my heart ...

 Water falls!

 Climbing the Cathedral Fig Tree … DANGER: WATCH FOR PYTHONS

 Showing off our figs.

 Annnnd, we're out. Melbourne up next!

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