Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ABC 123 Katie Marie

Last week I stumbled across this great post, and loved it. Chelsea from The Williams Journey shared here ABC's of bloggers in effort to get to know one another better and I thought it was such a fun way to share + it's always good to share an about me refresher for those new faces that head over the blog!  Thought I'd join the part and share a little ABC-123 about Katie Marie.

A- Age: 28 … I'm on that downward slope to 30. How did THAT happen!?

B- Birthday: September 19

C- Color: This one's a struggle for me. Color favorites vary for me regarding the context .. but I think if I had to choose a favorite that I'm capable of incorporating frequently it would be a shade of teal. It was an accent color for my wedding too. These maps were created by MaKenzie ... she'g got an awesome Etsy shop here. Hehe.

D: Drink: Diet Coke, Coffee and my latest affinity for Sweet Tea

E: Essential Item: Tervis Tumbler. I start every single day with a big ole' tervis full of my coffee. Don't mess with that routine.

F: Flashback: College. Any and all times + studying abroad in Italy and London. Miss it so.
G- Gent: Sigh and roll your eyes, but it's been this fella for a long time … and still is.
H- Hobby: Traveling and Blogging. 

I- Indulgence: Kung Fu Girl Riesling

J-Job: I am the marketing director for a venture capital | real estate investment firm.

 The boy, the myth, the legend … Bennett Bernard {20 Months}
L- Live: Nashville, TN … we've been here all of 3+ weeks. Bahh.

M-Music: Hands down a country music fan, but I like to consider myself pretty well rounded when it comes to tunes. I like just about all music (in the right setting).

N-Nickname: Katie Bugg, Goose, Neaceface, Mama :)

O-Overnight hospital stays: Just pregnancy! I've been blessed in that department.

P-Pets: Our adorable three year old dachshund, Maggie! Or if you ask Bennett, it's Mo or Mah-yee.
Q-Quotes: The world is like a book, and those who do not travel have only read a page. -St. Augustine
R-Right or Left: I'm right-handed, but I'm gonna go with left.

S-Siblings: Yep! Two brothers. Older: Jon Ryan | Younger: Max.

T-Temperature: I would rather be cold 100% of the time vs hot.

U-Univeristy: University of Kentucky, Wildcats Baby! (hubs is also in blue, hehehe)
V-Vehicle: Lexus GX 470

W- Worst Habit: Lack of patience.

X- X-Ray: Yes, I've had several of those. Bring on the lead vest.

Y- Yuck: Grits. Ew.

Z- Zoo: Are we referring to my life? Or the actual place?  When it comes to the place - the monkeys are my fave.

So there ya go - ABC-123 all about Katie Marie!  Share something in my comment box about yourself. Choose any letter. Chat soon ...

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