Tuesday, December 1, 2015

And then there were two ...

This is a bit of a "latergram" post ... but I'm just now able to catch up with everything that's been happening around here! 

As we mentioned, little man was unfortunately battling a NASTY cold when we brought little sister home. So, the first couple of days we tried to keep them from sharing germs as much as possible. (I realize this is nearly inevitable, and it will happen NUMEROUS times in the years to come ... but with our newest still so little and unable to build up her own immune system quite yet - we aired on the side of caution). 

However, several days had finally passed and little man was feeling MUCH better ... plus he was being super sweet and asking about his new baby sister ... so we decided it was time to commemorate bringing home our newest little and let big brother hold Lainey for the first time. Que heart melting. 

As we explain to him the importance of the pillow, only touch her head and feet, no sticking your fingers in her ears or mouth, etc ... he rolls his eyes ... yeaaa yeaaa mom and dad. I've got this. 
And then he looks down and says, I love her so much! And I'm a puddle of goo on the floor.
This is AWESOME!
Seriously, AWESOME.
I'm a big brother!
And I LOVE it!
You're pretty cool baby sis.
We get to keep her?!?!
I'll help you with your paci!
And that right there, is all my happiness. All of it. 
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