Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Fireplace

Guys. I don't know if I've mentioned before that I think I may be crazy. Home projects are fun. But home projects 8 months pregnant that leave your house dirtier than a toddler with an infinite bag of chips and flour with zero adult super vision are really not that fun. What. The. Heck. Was. I. THINKING?!

I mentioned after our big reveal of the mudroom that we had the fireplace to tackle. And then I told you last Wednesday that it was underway. So, I'm here today to show you what was ... and hopefully before the week ends I'll catch you up on what is!

After scouring the real estate market in Nashville, TN we learned lots of things, but one big one in particular: There is no perfect home unless you build. And even then, there are still probably things you wish you'd done differently. We also know that hubs and I aren't what anyone would call "Lifers" in a home and will probably live in several more across the span of our lifetime (more on that here). But that doesn't stop our little brains from dreaming up big plans and making changes and renovations the current home we live in to make it more conducive to our style. What can we say? We like renovations. And we'll probably never stop doing them.

Our first home was a COMPLETE disaster to start with - and this blog didn't really exist during that phase of life. But let me just tell you - the work we did on that little number -- SHOOOOWEEEEE. I'm talking when we bought the place you could stand outside of the house and looks inside the crawl space (from the outside) and see through to the other side due to wood rot and termite damage. Not to mention INSIDE the house was a wall completely dedicated to a mural of under the sea. We learned a lot of lessons at 6600 Tottenham Road and we shared so many memories from our engagement to our wedding day! It will always hold a special place in our heart.

And next came 1617 Grey Owl Court ... another Oh EM Gee project looking back on it. Complete paint job top to bottom to change the entire color of the trim work in the house, finishing a basement, new floors throughout, a complete kitchen renovation and more. But again, the memories. Our first home we bought together to bringing home our first bouncing baby boy!

And now, our home in Nashville. We are already making so many memories and changes to house too! But, the MOMENT we moved in I knew if we did nothing else, the fireplace had to go. It's just not our style. The contractor did a fine job with the materials he obviously had leftover (the tile from our master bath) and decided to use that as the fireplace back splash and while some may love this ... I did not. It was almost reason enough to not sign the closing papers. Ha!

So, thanks to nesting + pregnancy + the persistence of my mother helping me to hunt down contractors and stone companies here in Nashville - this week the project will finally be complete. And now I simply have to clean up all the dust! (Maybe this will being the onset of early labor?!? hehe)

Because I'm such a great blogger - I realized only after-the-fact that the contractors had completely ripped off the old tile that I never took a before picture! Seriously Katie?!! GET IT TOGETHER!

Thankfully however, there is this great thing that was invented several years ago called the Internet that allowed me hunt down some photos from when the house was on the market last year to share with ya'll. I found these on some realtor website, so unfortunately they're super grainy and you can't see our personal room decor and such for the before and after - but it'll help us get the full effect when we do the big reveal!

WHEW! *wipes brow* Crisis averted!

I'll be putting the final piece of the post together this week to show you the true before and after - I can't wait to see the finished project myself! Yayyy!

Okay kids - I'm off to pick up the little mister from school and hear all about Show and Tell today! They're learning about the color Blue - so he wore a fun blue football sweatshirt Sissy got him to school and packed Chase and his blue Paw Patrol care that PaPaw bought for him to show at Show and Tell circle today :)
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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the fireplace! I love a good before and after...and this one looks like it definitely needs an "after."


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