Thursday, December 1, 2016

CoCoa Christmas!

Guys, did you know? Did you know? It's officially Christmas!!! December 1st is here!! It's here!! It's finally here!! And just like last year our Elf, CoCoa, has arrived!!!

The doorbell rang last night and Bennett's eyes were huge! "It's probably the mailman," he said. But when he got to the door he was pleasantly surprised. He's been asking when CoCoa would arrive to our house for weeks and when the time finally came he was so excited! Christmas magic is in the air and having littles makes it that much more magical.
The kids walked out to find this little bit of fun on the porch ~ and B was amazed he spelled words with M&M's! He looked up to the sky and said "I think Santa dropped him off!" Yes he did little man, yes he certainly did!
They practically ran to the couch so we could snuggle up on the couch to read our book to help us remember how everything goes down.
Bennett was hanging onto every word and per usual, Lainey just couldn't stop moving.
 That ponytail cracks me up! Stop reading and pay attention to me Daddy!
After we read our book we screened The Elf's Story because I think reiterating the story and letting them both read it and see it helps at this age to really comprehend the full story.  We bought it on Apple TV last year and again, Bennett hung on to every word. And honestly, I love the movie. Plus, I've been singing Extravaganzalorious ever since so I know everyone in my house is super stoked! Ha!

 And again, Lainey can't stop moving.
Bennett was extra good at bedtime tonight. At bath time Lainey was patting Bennett on the head (her version of a hit) and Bennett sternly looked at her and said "Ouch Lainey, you know CoCoa is watching and would not like that very much!" Hehehe. Christmas magic in all forms.

We're so excited to play Elf on a Shelf this year!  I found this great post on making the elf bendy and I think that will add an extra element of fun. And in the meantime, CoCoa, that silly elf, got stuck digging his way through the candy jar. I can't wait to see the mischief he gets into this year!
In addition to our newest visitor tomorrow also kicks off 25 Acts of Christmas Kindness.
Sweet miss Emily over at Three Boys and a Girl shared this adorable Christmas Challenge that her friend, Ashley, from Everythings Hunky Dorey is doing.  Just like her, I want to be sure I'm working to continually teach Bennett and Lainey the real meaning of Christmas. Our elf, Santa Claus, the presents, etc. are all awesome, but there is so much more. Jesus is the reason for the season, and being a Christian in every since of the word should always ring true. So we're jumping on the band wagon and adding the Christmas Challenge to our plate. Feel free to join us! It's easy and kid friendly! I don't plan to do them in order, but I'm keeping the list with us and going to check them off as we go!
Merry Christmas everybody!! Let's spread some holiday cheer!

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  1. I love how excited Bennett was when he saw the elf! Lainey cracks me up when listening to the book.. my graham would be doing the same thing! I'm so excited you're going to participate in the 25 acts of kindness. I think it's going to be so fun and I can't wait to teach jack the real meaning of the season!


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