Thursday, December 8, 2016

New York City ~ Part 3

And here it is: the finale post of yet another fabulous tradition trip to New York City for our Thanksgiving Holiday.  If you're just tuning in and wanna catch up … the madness began before our trip even started, full part 1 recap can be found here, and part 2 recap here. And now onto the last hurrah!

We loaded up in another cab Saturday morning and made our way to the upper west side.
We were off to the Manhattan Children's Museum and B was PUUUUMPED. He was in need of seeing some other littles and this was just the spot. To be fair, it wasn't nearly as awesome as the Chicago Children's Museum we visited this summer, but he had fun and that made us all happy.

And baby sister LOVED the soft play area.
We got a text from PaPaw saying he promised to take B on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, so we decided to walk the park (and man did we underestimate the size) from the Children's Museum to the horses near the Plaza Hotel.  It was totally worth the scenic views -- but maybe not worth the sweat. Either way, the Belvedere Castle is beautiful.
And the boat house is so dreamy.
Ahhh New York, you really are amazing.
PaPaw and GoGo snuggled up with the littles while hubs and I took a short bathroom and coffee break (the driver told us we had 20 minutes and we'll take what we can get!) -- and let's be real just a break. New Yorking with little ones is TOUGH ya'll. Totally worth it (although my husband may tell you otherwise) but it's a much different trip than we've seen in years past.
Bennett of course requested the horsey with the blue feather and was so excited.
And that twenty minutes we had?! Well we chose the Plaza Food Hall which was an overcrowded nightmare with a horribly long bathroom line and a coffee that was ridiculously small. Not to mention a broken escalator that made me love my husband even more. I laughed and he carried a giant double stroller up the stairs so we would be there when the kids got off the horse. Teehehehe.
We picked up the littles and Bennett was less than enthused because "Horseys are supposed to go fast and his didn't." But we quickly turned that around and hit up the Central Park Zoo.
And paid a dollar for a blue balloon doggy that made him happier than anything else could have.
And by the grace of all things found a puppet master that had a Humpty Dumpty puppet! Oh Em Gee y'all! Dreams do come true!
And because our trip was ending, instead of a healthy snack before dinner, we indulged his three year old wishes a little while longer and trekked to the ice rink to get the kid some blue cotton candy. After he ate as much as he wanted he looked at us, smiled and said "The was the best thing I ever had!" Worth the sugar overload. Parenting win.
We took the long way home, because New York, and it was our last day in the city so we could take in the sights.

We ended at Rockefeller Center and the look on little man's face when he saw that giant tree was Christmas Magic in a bottle. I didn't snap a photo until after it had settled in, but it's forever ingrained in my brain and that makes me smile.

Poor little Lou was starting to feel worse (Bennett had been overcoming a cold and Lainey finally caught it) so we let her sleep as long as she would.
And then we got cleaned up for our finale dinner at the oldest steakhouse in NYC, The Old Homestead, and PaPaw and Uncle Max kept B entertained with a riveting game of who's on the bottom.
Getting him to smile for real poses to be a bit difficult these days.

The kids were losing it. Again, formal dinners and littles can be challenging -- but we're always down for participating as long as we can. So when we (and everyone else) had had enough we packed it up and called it a night.
And we all got kisses in the last cab ride of the trip!

And then burned off the last bit of energy having crawling races in the hall.
Sunday morning we were all tired, but we still had a full day - so we gathered in the lobby and loaded up to switch hotels for our one night in New Jersey.
And we ended the trip by making our way to the Jets vs Patriots game.
We had some lunch before the game at Redd's Restaurant - a famous little MetLife stadium staple.
Only a three year old would try to get away with crawling on the pin ball game.

Lainey wasn't feeling too great, so hubs took her back to the room for a quick nap and met us at the stadium around kick off. Redd's has an awesome shuttle you go back and forth in from the restaurant to the stadium.

And mister B scored a cookie on his way into the game!

Apparently I forgot how to smile and can only cheer in photos at MetLife stadium?!

And that's a wrap! We got to see Tom Brady (holy cute) play and ended on a great note.
But it was time to get back in the Christmas van and get home … because Christmas season has officially begun and it's time to kick it off!
Until next time New York … you have my heart forever and always.
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