Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Cards + Family

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Christmas season is in full effect and it makes my heart happy. And with Christmas season comes CHRISTMAS CARDS! Every year I LOVE LOVE LOVE sorting through our family photo session and picking our favorite photos to send to everyone we love. A little bit of Christmas magic wrapped up with one simple stamp. Such a simple gesture that means so much to me!

Christmas Cards are hands down one of my favorite holiday traditions. Creating them, crafting them, addressing them, mailing them - all of it! I love every bit. And just as much fun, opening everyone else's to display them - sheer perfection and true happiness!! A subtle Merry Merry Christmas from our family to yours - exchanged the old fashioned way. LOVE ITTTTT!

To see cards of cards of Christmas past:
This year's card was fun because it doubled as our moving announcement too. I scoured my typical go-to sites like Minted and TinyPrints to find a dual moving and holiday card, but nothing fit what I was going for. So, I fired up the my software and created my own :) And without further adieu, here is our 2016 Christmas Card!

Front of Christmas Card:

Back of Christmas Card:

Merry Christmas friends, from our family to yours!
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  1. What a cute card! Adorable pictures of the kiddos - merry, merry Christmas!

  2. The cutest family and card!! I'm so impressed you designed it on your own! Merry Christmas!!


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