Thursday, May 11, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately has been a little bit of everything. Lots of celebrating, lots of housing, lots of snacking, lots of derby-ing, unfortunately lots of puking :(, just a lot of things. Here's a little look at life lately.

We struggled for about two weeks with sickness. The stomach bug, hand foot and mouth, just a nasty hodge podge of yuckiness. It didn't keep little miss from being her cute crazy self, but it did put a damper on life for a little way. Luckily I think we're finally all over it and back to normal! A much welcomed word around here.

 Hubs and I made a last minute decision to buy some cheap seats for a comedian coming to town, Daniel Tosh. Shane used to think he was hilarious in college, and the tickets were so cheap we simply couldn't pass up a mid week date night.
 We've had a lot of spring rain around here, so that's meant lots of movies (Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and The Little Rascals our the current faves), indoor activities and couch snuggles with my littles.

 Hubs and I had another date night and went to see THE Neil Diamond in concert.

We took our kiddos for a full day of fun to an indoor games/laser tag/bowling, etc. and had a blast!
 We took advantage of Derby week and everything our city has to offer. The Air show and Thunder Over Louisville (the largest firework show in the USA), The Chow Wagon (fair food + rides on the waterfront).

Amidst the rain, we opened PaPaw and GoGo's pool and take good advantage during any sunny breaks.
 We're watching this nugget's vocabulary and personality shine through more and more every day.
 I'm watching these two keep creating a friendship that is blossoming into the sweetest sibling love ever. Don't let their cuteness fool you though, mama needed to finish some much needed shopping for a big Derby week and they do NOT make that easy :)
 Mister Bennett qualified for his next belt in Karate and passed his belt testing! He's now a camo belt with white stripe and proudly broke TWO boards with his kick during testing.

 We've snacked our our favorite bakeries Derby cookies.
 And little Miss rocked her 18 month well visit!

And that's a little look at life lately. We've got another big couple of weeks coming up as we roll right on into summer! And hopefully we'll be living in that house of ours soon enough! Toodle-oooo!

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  1. Other than being sick it looks like y'all have been having some fun!!! I hope the sickness is gone for the season. The derby wasnso fun to watch!


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