Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sweet Summertime

For all of my country music fans out there, I've had Kenny Chesney's "Sweet Summertime" lyrics stuck in my head all week and I am not the least bit upset about it! Summertime is finally here ya'll and we've certainly kicked it off!

Bennett's teachers had an end of the year birthday celebration for all of the kiddos that have a summer birthday - I took him to the store and let him pick out his classes birthday treat. He chose a hodge podge of character rings that adorned multi colored cupcakes, star wars plates, gold napkins, the ugliest cups of all, and stretchy monster finger puppets as a souvenir. I love his three year old weirdness :)
 And of course little sister accompanied me to school to pass out part treats! His teacher sent this sweet picture home with him, and it made my heart melt. I'm so thankful I'm able to spend these days with them. I know they likely won't remember a lot of it, but I sure will.
We're starting to enter the "that's mine!", "mommy, Lainey hit me", "Hey I wanted that!" etc. phase and that makes me crazy. Having to constantly remind both them AND myself this is a small deal, not a big deal. But in the midst of our days there is also a lot of love ... and the spontaneous sweetness of siblings that makes me absolutely melt.
We've been checking on the house (almost daily) now, because there is a beehive of activity. I'm nervous if I don't show up the wrong tile will end up in the wrong room or something, so we make frequent stops. And while I'm chatting with our contractors things like this happen ... and don't be fooled ... she didn't eat a bag of powdered donuts. She licked the walls and that's drywall dust. :)
We've had fun nights with our cousin friends!
We spend as much time outside as possible. And for little Lou that means, we collect every rock known to man.

 Hopefully, we've finally said farewell to all of that spring rain.

We've played ... HARD! Which when I'm lucky .. means we nap ... HARD!
And we headed to one of our favorite places, Lake Cumberland, to celebrate the long Memorial Day Weekend!
Where we rest, snuggle, eat, and PLAY!

 The lake takes it out of you! I mean falling asleep with candy in your mouth. HA!

Snuggles :)

This was also a HUGE weekend for our littles because they tubed for the first time (with daddy of course). They were such little dare devils and I LOVED it! I grew up on that lake, and watching them get a taste of my childhood made me have all the feels. Can't wait for all of the summer fun we'll have both this year and years to come. SO. MUCH. FUN.

 And we had night time arm wrestling matches with our parents for good measure ... I beat my mom fair and square, regardless of what she tells you.

 And that's it folks, we're off into summer full of staying up late, playing so hard all day to make sure our feet are dirty enough to earn our showers at night, and sleeping in and waking up with hair that looks like this just to do it all over again.
Sweet Summertime!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Lainey's hair - the best! Sounds like your summer has started off on the right foot!


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