Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disney ... Storm Troopers and Selfies ... Day 3 + 4

And finally, we're already to the final days of our Magical trip we'll never forget. To catch up you can read about Part 1 and Part 2 here. And even though it was ending, there was still so much fun to be had!

We scheduled a character breakfast at Hollywood Studios with the Disney Jr. characters and the kiddos loved spying on everyone while we waited to be seated.

First up, Sophia the First.
Followed by Jake and even his charm wasn't enough to change Lainey's mind.

Then Doc McStuffins,
And last but not lease, Handy Manny.
After breakfast, we were off to check out all of the Star Wars action we could handle and Bennett simply could not believe his eyes. Amazement. To be honest, I was a little bit amazed too. The Star Wars music was LOUD, the characters were so real and it was intense. And awesome.

 After we'd had our Star Wars fix we headed off to Pixar land to ride our favorite ride of all, Toy Story (SO FUN!) ... and we made a little pit stop to let our favorite little guy get his face painted.

After Toy Story, we made our way to take a little heat break and watch a show, Disney Jr. Live! We met Pluto and the kiddos made some friends while we waited to find our seats.

 After the show, we strolled to meet up with Shane's little cousin, Bailey, who was also at Hollywood Studios that day. She's on Shane's dad's side of the family and lives in Texas, but was visiting Disney on a band trip. Lainey finally tuckered out.

 We strolled around Hollywood for a while and then made our way back to the hotel to get cleaned up and finish off the evening with dinner and fun at Epcot!

 We snagged a quick snack at the hotel before getting back aboard the monorail to make our way to Epcot, and these littles were being so cute and snuggly!

 Hugs for GoGo in the butterfly garden! <3
Lainey is obsessed with eating crayons. Yes, you read that right. We try to stop her, but every restaurant we go to she gets her little hands on the crayons and off the wax comes to stick directly to her teeth. This girl :)
 Epcot was hysterically fun. Mom and I took a photo in every country (but I'll spare you all 40 or something of them ... just trust me that we did it, and it was hilarious).

By this point we were all exhausted and a little delirious, but we watched the firework show and played tag/be crazy with your kids on the way out. It was an awesome finale evening.

 And because we're crazy, we ended our final day with ANOTHER character breakfast, Chef Mickey, at the Contemporary Resort.

 Poor Minnie couldn't even get a smile from our Lainey gal.
 But Donald got all the laughs from BUB.

My dad left early that morning to head out on another trip, but our flights weren't until 8:40pm that night ... so after breakfast we were toying with what to do for the day. A day at the pool, downtown Disney, we couldn't decide. HOWEVER - you may remember in the post from our first day I mentioned I'd be referencing back - and here it is. When we were heading into the park that day, we did not properly scan Bennett's band, so when we headed to the park the next day, his band didn't work. A lady came up to us to help and we explained what had happened and mentioned we had a three day park hopper pass, and this occurred the previous day. She took Bennett's picture, linked mine and Shane's finger prints to his band and updated the pass - Thanks! NOW, when we were deciding what to do I looked on our My Disney Experience App and ya'll we had AN ENTIRE DAY OF TICKETS! When the lady fixed our bands, somehow she added an entire extra day! WOAH!

So, after realizing this we were crazy enough to head BACK TO THE MAGIC KINGDOM! YIPPPPIIEEEEE. We were way low key, and visited stuff we didn't see the time before and it was a fun unexpected day. First up, a shooter game.
 Then Popsicle treats.

 Another loop around It's a Small World, because it's so happy!
 A finale on Buzz Lightyear (one of our favorite rides)

 And the sign that from curtain call to final rope drop, we DID Disney.
 We boarded the bus to make our way back to airport and our littles snuggled, I cried again, for good measure of course.

 And we vowed we'd be back again SOON!

 You were magical Disney, thanks for the amazing memories!

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