Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Letter to Bennett


My heart is bursting as I write this letter. I haven’t even met you and you have already left the biggest impression on my heart.  I once heard having a child was like watching your heart walk outside your body, and I could never fathom such a thought. But boy OH BOY little BUB … is it ever TRUE!  Of course obnoxiously through social media your daddy and I have already introduced to everyone that you will soon be joining our world…but the thought that you get to be our little tag along forever and always in such a short time, is such a happy thought! Your daddy and I are constantly talking about what you would look like, if you will sport daddy’s nose, my lips, my crooked pinkies…you name it – we’ve discussed it. And as we continue to wait for your big debut, the only thing we can do is talk about how we will scour every morsel of your being to learn the next thing! But let me tell you this … regardless of what genes your sporting … to us: YOU ARE PERFECT.

There were times in these past 9 months when it seemed that time was at a standstill {this very moment being one of them ;0)}.  Sometimes I think meeting you will never come.  But knowing you’re about to take your first breath makes every kidney stone, every medical scare, every moan and groan, every everything 100% worth it (and yes I really mean that).  We know life will be different with a baby in our house.  We know it's going to be a whirlwind, but we are ready.  And a family of 4 (I’m including your big sister Maggie – I can’t wait until you’re old enough to pull her tail…hehehe) sounds fabulous!  I promise we won’t stop smooching on you and holding you. And I promise and vow to spend the rest of my life showing you just how special you are. And how very much we love you.

Your daddy and I should likely apologize in the letter as well, because you’ll soon see that we are absolutely smitten over funny outfits and random trinkets to adorn you in … and will likely laugh at your expense and take too many pictures. But I promise it is ALL out of love, and you will have SUCH GREAT photos for your senior banquets and wedding videos – so I’m sure our apology will turn into your later “Thank You”.  And if not, well then at least my photo album can keep us smiling when your daddy and I are old and grey … and you’re out exploring the world.  My heart is so full Bennett.  I am in awe of you … every finger, every toe, every wrinkle, every EVERYTHING. 
Before we welcome you into this world I want to wish you the best {and I should tell you, every time I see the clock at 11:11 I make a wish ... I'll teach you this same game ;0) }. I want to wish you the world.  I want to wish you all the love. I want to wish you:
  • a sense of humor and wit, it will take you far
  • the understanding and importance of family
  • the quality of leadership
  • the ability to understand what's right and wrong
  • the capability to drive a stick shift and be good at it (girl's think it's hott and your mommy can't do it)
  • the knowledge to speak a 2nd language
  • the best group of friends to support you
  • the opportunity and want to travel and explore the world 
  • the compassion of your daddy
  • the heart to love like your Grandma Penny
  • a winner's spirit with the capability to accept and learn from mistakes 
  • the drive to want to try new things (x4)
  • a sense of rhythm  to dance like your daddy (yo momma ain't got none)
  • a brilliant brain and entrepreneurial spirit like your Papaw John
  • days of happiness and laughter
  • the ability to cook like your Sissy
  • that you always know how very much you are loved
  • the ability to find joy in new experiences and to embrace change
  • the thoughtfulness of your Grandpa Mark
  • the quirkiness of your parents and the ability to laugh at yourself
  • a love for athletics
  • better jokes than your daddy ;0)
  • and a heart to love without boundaries

I could go on for days little man, wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness and joy mixed in with a little bit of life's funny moments and quirks, but I think you get the idea. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you sweet boy ... so don't be shy ... come on and join us already!~

Until we meet,
Your Mommy

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