Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby Moon + Nursery Inspiration

Wowsers, I can hardly believe it's already time to start telling you guys about Baby Moon's nursery!  It seems so surreal and luckily between moving to Nash + being a mommy to Bennett + both of my now part time jobs (Marketing + Photographie) this pregnancy is FLYING by ... not that you'll find me complaining!

It seems like just yesterday I was asking for advice on which crib to get for Baby B and telling you about his nursery inspiration! And now I'm back to talk about our second baby's new digs!

So, for those new folks around here ... we've decided to not find out the sex of this baby. Sigh, gasp, I KNOW! It's killing me softly. But, there are few "good + planned" surprises left in my life (I've already done the whole "Did I make Varsity or JV", "where will I get in for college", "what sorority will I be in", "when will he propose", etc) so this is one of those "GOOD" one's left and we've decided to embrace it for what it is. If we have a third maybe we'll find out and jump on the big fancy gender reveal party - that way all three pregnancies will have a unique experience. But for now, baby moon is happy and healthy and that is all we're concerned about!

Another housekeeping update before I get to the decor details ... if you're wondering why I keep saying "Baby Moon" ... no, it's not a weekend getaway before the baby arrives and no, we're not naming our child after the beautifully lit circle that lights the midnight sky. Baby Moon was derived from sweet Bennett's interpretation of our first Ultrasound.

We brought home our Ultrasound photo and decided it was time to begin introducing the big brother idea to Bennett. Being proud mommy, our ultrasound picture SURELY resembled a baby and Bennett would totally know what that was. Much to my surprise, when we showed him the picture and asked if he knew what it was, he looked at me confidently and replied ... "Da Moon Mama!" ... like duh lady ... it's a grainy crescent shape, OBVIOUSLY the moon.  His response was heartwarming, adorable and unexpected ... and there and then we determined for the remaining 7 months our second little bundle would be referred to as just that ... Moon. Our little baby moon. Le Sigh: Be still my heart. 

Now, without further adieu and feeling better that we are all speaking the same slang .. let's share nursery inspiration shall we?

It only seemed fitting that a moon be a focal point in either bedroom, regardless of gender. So when it comes to wall decor --- that will be a consistent theme.  Other than that, we're mainly focusing on color. Our new home is a ton of Grey. A pretty, neutral grey - but lacking color.  So, I'm playing off that and coordinating around it. I've painted an accent wall that is Benjamin Moore's: Fun 'n Games - a teal to give the room a little punch.

If baby moon is a little girl the main colors will be grey and teal and we will accent in Lilacs and Lavenders. Oh a girl ... what ever will I do?!
Baby Moon - Girl Option

If our sweet little bundle is a boy, the room will again be dominantly grey + teal and we will accent with oranges and reds ... and for some reason I'm really digging foxes. Whew, I'm so much more prepared for a boy!
Baby Moon: Boy Option
So there we have it folks, my current inspirations and what things will [hopefully] start to look like in the days to come!  Keep on cookin baby moon, we'll see you in November! Love, your momma xoxo
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