Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nerdy Nautical Nursery Inspiration

That's right, Nursery inspiration for Baby U that is both NERDY and NAUTICAL.  What a great pairing!  Okay I lied, really it's not that nerdy - it just involves the letters of the alphabet - and Nerdy started with an "N" which sounded good in front of Nautical, to make the title more catchy.  To-MAY-toe, To-MAH-toe.

Alright, so hubs and I (okay I lied again). Hubs and I have been scouring ideas for nursery inspiration and relentlessly FORCING hubs to look at them and provide feedback.  And we've both pretty much agreed we like the idea of an alphabet theme and/or a nautical theme.  Now, I'm not talking matchy-matchy, baby-baby, themes here - I'm just talking a general direction to inspire my creative juices to start lil' man's room.  And the line I'm walking between a cute baby room and a cutesy baby room is very thin, people.  It's so hard to find sophisticated decor that will look good in a nursery and "not too grown up" or cute and fun decor that doesn't look too cheesy. 

Alas, I think I have finally settled on some images that have successfully inspire me and also challenge me to create the perfect hub.  The perfect hub of course, that is to be: Baby U's haven of ever exploring nautical inspirations to encourage him to chase his dreams, with an undermining tone of the alphabet to inspire focus and the importance of higher education surrounding his peaceful and splendid nurserydome (I'd add more adjectives if I was clever enough to think of them, because I feel they are indeed THAT necessary to depict excitement and convey my intensity - although, let's be honest, really I just think it looks pretty).

Okay, enough talk.  Need more action.  So here goes - my inspirational pictures.  Don't worry, I'll make sure to narrate as we go along :) And SHWING this is my first attempt at using polyvore to create a board! Sooooo fun.  I may have to use this more often - Lord help us all.

Baby Nursery Theme 2

Alright, so here's what we're working with.  As I mentioned, we both could agree on being fans of either an alphabet theme or a nautical theme. But I was really having a hard time finding one that I totally was in love with.  I kept finding some elements that I liked but I couldn't find a way to bring it all together. That was, until I stumbled upon the great photo of all the letters individually framed in the top left of the collage.  

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE all of the different letters, and I love even more the idea of utilizing different picture frames to separate them from being one large clutter. But I LOVE the gallery wall vs. painting or printing directly on the wall.  So, my plan is to find all different kinds of letters (SHOPPING. STARTS. NOW!) and mod podge them with a sepia/tan tone vintage map to help keep it sophisticated and neutral.  THEN, agh I die, the next step is to incorporate some nautical pieces into the alphabet.  These will allow for some pops of color while also layering the theme.  So I'm thinking a boat life savor or a sailor captain steering wheel (as seen above) as the "O" or light house as the letter "I", for example.  

The alphabet wall will obviously be the main focal point, and other pieces will just be accents throughout the room.  We're currently torn between 2 cribs:
I think I'm kind of leaning more towards the Davenport, because it looks a bit more bold and has a little more character.  But Larkin was my original choice, so I'm always nervous to throw a change up this late in the game.  

Another FUNN finding.  Hubs and I were strolling through our local Peddler's Mall this past weekend and stumbled upon this beauty.  Which I think will be the most PERFECT piece of accent furniture to Baby U's nursery, don't you? LOVE.

So that's it my loves.  A truly fabulous Nerdy and Nautical Nursery.  The Hubs and I are taking a babymoon in a couple of weeks, so we're planning to gather all of the materials before we head out.  That way when we return it's full on nesting mode to put the finishing touches on lil' man's bedroom! EEEeeeek.  It's all becoming so real!

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