Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Break Friday

Our little man was on Fall Break last week and we wanted to give him a special day making it all about him. Happy Fall Break B Bear!

Friday hubby left work a bit early and we took our little guy to see his first movie EVER!  We weren't too sure how it would go - so we chose to head to the discount theaters and see a movie that's been out for quite some time, Minions, coupled with the fact it was early evening and we figured we'd have a better chance at making less people bad. It was a complete SUCCESS!

Bennett was so "sec-cited" to get to go to da moooovies!
He was in awe of all the lights inside the theater.
And so proud to give the guy at the entrance his tickets to see "The Mentions" (that's what he called the Minions).
Auditorium 11 at Regal Cinemas - your first movie BUB!
We chose a popcorn and large coke to share and B thought the springy chairs were super cool.
And the popcorn was the perfect pre-dinner snack. We all know mama is a big fan of movie popcorn (we spent our anniversary doing nothing but eating it - haha).
And naturally, since this was our first time. We took full advantage of the seats set up for photo-ops. Such a heartbreaker, he even held mama's hand.
Just two cool dudes.
And we wrapped the night with the most awesome Friday night special at Cheekwood (we first checked it out on my Birthday weekend).  They're open every Friday night in October and have the grounds all lit up. We brought a blanket and some snacks and had the most fabulous Fall Break Friday!
We had so much fun playing with you Bennett! Can't wait to see what we'll come up with next year!
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  1. SO much fun! I love going to the movies and the popcorn is my favorite. Such a fun way to spend your break and give your little guy a special day!


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