Thursday, September 10, 2015


So there's this boy ... I knew him when we were in our teens but was never interested in him. And then one day, many years later in college he asked me to his fraternity's fall formal and I noticed he was one of THOSE boys.
I never stood a chance.

Even later I saw him on campus in sweatpants and a backwards hat. Then I moved to Italy and proceeded to call him and fall in love with him and his skype renditions of 90's boy band songs. Then after college he proposed. 16 months later we tied the knot.  A year and a half after that we gave birth to our son. Two years after that we're expecting our second baby. And now nearly 8 years of love nonsense later later we're celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, and he's still one of THOSE boys.
I mean, goodness he's handsome.

And he still melts my heart with backwards hats.
Moment of silence for that smile and those eyes. Ahem.

And watching him be a daddy ya'll.
Good grief.

Yep, that boy. The one with the dark hair and the blue eyes. He stole my heart a loonnng time ago and he's still got me. Hook line and sinker.
Happy Anniversary hubs ... can't wait to stuff our faces with popcorn tonight at the movies :)

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