Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkins make it cute

In my mind I had blogged about the wreaths I made when we moved into our new house, but after searching my old posts I can't seem to find where I ever did? So either I'm crazy (which is highly probable) or my blog is currently failing me. Either way - I updated those wreaths and wanted to share!

Since I'm such a great blogger and document things so well (HA! obviously that is not the case) I did snap a picture before I de-spring/summered (that's a thing right?) the wreaths.

Here is what they looked like before.
I bought the twig wreaths from Michael's in the spring - on sale - and just bought a mix and match of some fun colors and sprigs of color and arranged them until they were pretty enough for me.

Then I just removed all of those add ons - and boxed them up in case I want to use them again next spring/summer.  The ribbons were still in pretty good shape - so I just left them on there. It's simply wired burlap ribbon that I tied in a simple bow.
Then, I purchased a hodge podge of more -on sale- items from JoAnn's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby and arranged them on the wreaths until I felt they were adorned enough with fall lovelies to pretty up the entry way! 
I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out - and am excited to finish the entry way with the rest of the fall supplies. Penny gave me the idea of adding a cornstalk behind a bench we added, and obviously I'll get some pumpkins, probably some mums and other fun items.
I'll share more as I finish. 

Have I mentioned before that I love fall and everything it embodies?! Because I do. I just love love love love love it! 
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  1. I love these!! How adorable ;)

  2. Adorable! I try to be crafty like that but often end up just buying something that's already cute like these. Love them!

    1. Hahaha I'm also frequently guilty of that :)


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