Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: September

And just like that, we're back for another rendition of 'What's Up Wednesday' ... to see last month's post click here. How in the world has an entire month already passed?! Good grief!

Here's what's happening around here ...

What we're eating this week ... fruits, veggies + Oreos. Halloween Oreos to be exact. But seriously. I had my doc appointment Monday and was nicely informed by the nurse that I'd packed on six pounds in two weeks ... so she "kindly" reminded me how easy it was to gain weight these last couple weeks of pregnancy and therefore I'm trying to cut down on indulging ... but I somehow think it's okay after I've eaten fruits and veggies! Ha!  I attribute the weight gain to the Great American Cookie Cake I demanded for my birthday. I may or may not have eaten the entire thing over the course of the week.

What I'm reminiscing about ... weekend's away with my gal pals. All of my friends are off jet setting to New Orleans this weekend to bachelorette it up on Bourbon Street with our bride to be, Baili, while I'm 8 months pregnant at home with not even a glass of wine in sight. While it's totally worth it and I can't wait to meet our little "moon" I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my gal pals and could really use some time away with them. Have one for me gals :) I love ya!

What I'm loving ... Aden + Anais bamboo swaddles. Holy soft. I was obsessed with their regular ones when B was born - and this time around Penny bought me a pack of these numbers and Oh. Em. Gee. ya'll! They are heaven! Why on earth do they not make these for adults?! I can't wait until I know if Moon is a boy or a girl to get another pack a bit more gender specific!

What we've been up to ... we made our final visit home before our little moon arrives last weekend! While the time is always too short and we had to split who went where and what we were able to squeeze in, it was nice to be able to head home one last time as a family of three. We probably won't be back home until the Holidays and as a family of FOUR! Ohhhh myyy goodness I can't even comprehend it! And guys, I got to meet this little guy. Charlies {Charlie} Christopher. He is PERFECT! And his momma looks just as beautiful now as she did when we showered the little prince. And daddy is doing great too!

What I'm dreading ... our upcoming hospital stay. While I love all of the sweet nurses that are so great during those first days of adding a new member to your family ... last time around I wasn't so lucky with a swift recovery and had some bad reactions to surgical tape from the procedure. So I'm all nervous and antsy and filled with anxiety knowing the flip side to this second c-section. But ohhh that sweet baby smell ... that makes it all worth it! (this is Baby B not even an entire day old!)

What I'm working on ... Fireplace demo starts this week! EEEEEEK! We're tearing off the original tile + mantle and adding a stone overlay + an original wooden mantle. I'm so excited! It'll look a lot different ... but here is sort of the idea.

What I'm excited about ... being a mama to moon! We're in the homestretch and I'm starting to get really excited. The nursery is coming together, we've finalized some details, etc. and we're almost ready! Ahhh what will he or she be?! What will they look like?! What will be their temperament?! So much excitement awaits!

What I'm watching/reading ... Still on the Mad Men kick from last month. With all of these season premieres we just can't seem to finish it!  That and I can't seem to keep my eyes open long enough to finish more than one episode :) gotta love the third trimester sleepys! But ya'll Nashville, Scandal + How to Get Away with Murder are BACK!!! All of my favorites + then some (we watched the Blood and Oil + Quantico premier's on Sunday and have decided to give them a go). I'm so jazzed to have a kid being born around football season and good TV. With Bennett it was summer so it was either movies or soap opera's - this time around I can't wait to cozy up to a good show! Because we're going to have so much downtime! Hahahahahaha. Can you tell I'm delirious?!

What I'm listening to ... conference calls about everything under the sun. I'm about to step out on Maternity leave, so I'm working diligently to try and wrap up and pre-plan for things while I'm out. Which means I'm on the phone 24/7 to get things in order!

What I'm wearing ... anything that fits! Mostly lounge-y pants and one of Shane's t-shirts while I'm in the house and still rocking my good ole maternity dry fit tank and yoga crops when I head out. OCCASIONALLY I'll throw on jeans and a tee. Bottom line - my life falls into one of these three averages currently. So I'm not too worried about clothes.

What I'm doing this weekend ... this weekend is actually pretty busy with some fall festivals that Hubby is working, along with a family play date Saturday. And next weekend we have some fun visitors we're really looking forward too + a senior session I can't wait to shoot! I promise to share details because it'll be a good one!

What I'm looking forward to next month ... BABY MOON! BABY MOON! BABY MOON! Unless little bit decides to come early we'll have him or her in our arms on November 9th! EEk! Squeal!

What else is new ... I'm gonna work this month on stocking the freezer for when Little Moon arrives. Last time around I had the AMAZINGLY fabulous gift of great family and friends to ensure our bellies stayed full during those first few weeks adjusting to new life, but this time we moved away from all of that (what were we thinking?!?!). So, while I've got some extra time I'm going to make a few extra casseroles and what not to pop in the freezer so I don't have to eat spaghetti every night for two weeks because that's all hubby is capable of producing in the kitchen :) Although I will say his lukewarm noodles and microwaved sauce is one to be reckoned with! hehe :) only teasing. Do ya'll have any great recipes I should try?

What I am thankful for ... I added this one to my list this week because my family had a BIG scare over the weekend. My Uncle Dan, MaKenzie's father, had a heart attack Thursday while playing basketball at their local rec center. She can say it better than I ever could - so here is the excerpt from her Facebook page: 
"This photo was taken two days before, in this exact place, where dad had what's called a "sudden cardiac death" on the basketball court Thursday afternoon. He was revived by the quick-acting Blue Ash rec staff and the grace of our God, we are forever grateful to his basketball buddies and the two women who performed CPR and used the defibrillator. Dad had triple bypass surgery yesterday afternoon and is recovering in the ICU as I type this. THANK YOU to the countless friends and family who have helped us, loved us and reached out in the last 48 hours. Thanks be to God for the miracle He performed in giving us more time on this earth with our Papa."

An ever prominent reminder that tomorrow is not promised and as my Uncle Dan wisely said in his recovery room a few days ago, "we may have extended life, but we all have an expiration date." Be good to one another and love unconditionally. Support one another and be accepting of their differences. And be thankful for the time you have, not always expecting and wanting more. Our God has a plan greater than our own. Thank you for giving us more time with my uncle. Please continue to lift their family up in prayer as they will need it during a long recovery. 

And that's it for me and this month's What's Up Wednesday! Just think, next month I'll be having a baby in only four days! Holy moly. 
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  1. Oh my word, those Oreo look amazing, I think I need to pick some up soon. I hope everything goes well with your lil baby and that your hospital stay is easier than last time. Stopping by from the linkup!

    1. Thank you so much! Walk, don't run to get the oreos - I always forget how good they really are because I so seldom buy them!

    2. Run, don't walk. Clearly I'm with it today :)

  2. Prepping for a new baby is so much fun!!! I hope your hospital stay goes better this go round. I didn't want to leave after I had my daughter.

    1. Gosh I know, they are so great! The nurses and their fancy little tricks are the best part :)

  3. Hi Katie!,

    I just came across your blog through the Link Up for What's Up Wednesday and I cannot stand how cute your little family is!!! Your blog is a lot of fun! Can't wait to follow along and see this "baby moon" that's coming soon! =]=]

  4. I am a sucker for Oreo's...I have to put blinders on when I am at the store, otherwise I would bring a package home and proceed to eat the entire thing that same day! So exciting that your little guy or girl will be here soon! Super happy to hear that your uncle was ok! We just heard some bad news regarding one of my uncles so I am praying that with treatment he is able to get better! Life definitely does have an expiration period, so it is always a good reminder to live it to the fullest! (wow, a lot of ! marks in this comment :) )


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