Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Updated Spaces

Two months on bed rest will make a girl crazy I tell you. And even more crazy when you're a gal like me that is not necessarily in love with new things, but updated things. I'm forever wanting to rearrange furniture, update pictures in frames, remove or add shelving to a space, etc. Like while I'm all laid up on the couch I'm thinking, that dust bunny just doesn't look good there ... maybe it would look better under the other couch or something? Haha. But seriously, I do not need or want new things per say, but I love the challenge of taking things you already have or adding small pieces to a room and giving them new life. Like my old chest I refurbed for Lainey's nursery, that type of stuff.
Now don't get me wrong, I like new things too and ironically the two items in this post are both new (or new to us), but usually flea market type settings and refinishing things are my jam. It gives me a creative outlet and it's just something I've really grown to love. That being said, being at home and seeing my furniture and everything in my house stay in the same place, or staring at the table I'd been wanting to replace day in and day out ... made the 10% wanting to maybe do it, turn into 95% wanting to do it. Because there wasn't much to distract me from thinking about it. So, while I'm still working on a few projects to complete. Two are checked off the list entirely and I want to share them with you!

First, and guys, I'm not even sure I'm physically capable of saying it out loud yet, in fear I may burst into tears, but we're about to a three year old living under our roof <insert "how in the world did that happen comment" here>. That being said, three year old boys are their own breed. And they are very different than one year old and even two year old boys. And furthermore, so are their wants and needs. Our little almost three year old would FLIP out every time he saw bunk beds and wanted his very own "just like peppa pig!"

Hubs and I went back and forth constantly, if we were going to pull the trigger and get him a big boy bed or just let it be. And furthermore did we really want to spend the money on a bed?! Why is furniture so expensive?!?! Whyyyy. So, when I was perusing on a local resale group here in Nashville I am a part of and saw a set of nice bunk beds for a good price, I was able to petition for the beds with a pretty good argument in my pocket. AND, when the lady selling the beds agreed she would pay to have a delivery service disassemble the beds at her house, load them up, deliver them to mine, and reassemble them we were sold. And just like that we said goodbye to Bennett's crib (it seems like it was yesterday I was typing this post about making a decision on his furniture) that had been converted to a toddler bed. A final farewell one of BUB's last "baby" items ... (sniffle, tear...)

Before the movers arrived later that day we loaded up the car and headed to the local mattress store and bought some updated mattresses for King Bennett. We let him think he picked out his own bed, but in reality he chose one of the priciest mattresses in the store and that wasn't gonna happen - so that'll be our little secret.
And we came home to replace that crib with our boy's bunk bed dream. His smile lets me know it was a good call. And it makes it a little easier to stomach the fact that he's growing up regardless of the fact that I constantly tell him to stop. But he's proud, and has made the transition like a champ. So we carry on and keep climbing up ... literally, every night we climb up!

 He was so excited ... THANK YOU DADDY, THANK YOU! Bless his little heart, I love him so.
 Lainey was into it too :)

 All tucked in for his first night! (Hi, I'm the mom that swore my child wouldn't have a paci passed age two. Welp, at least he's in a big boy bed? HA!)
 These boys ya'll. Bedtime is their time. They read, they giggle, they tickle, they play boy games. All the things. And it warms my heart.
 And I often help with nighttime prayers, lots of kisses and THE BIGGEST kiss. That's mine and B's thing and it's special to me. Having a "thing" with your kids is fun. It's like being a part of a secret club and that was cool when I was 10 and it's still cool now. So there he is, our big boy in his big boy bed!
The second item due for an update took place outside the house.  While my parents were still here helping man the fort while hubs and I spent a lot of time at the hospital or in recovery - we all agreed patio furniture was a necessity. Bennett is FOREVER playing outside, and I need to be sitting a good amount of time for a while and our patio is overrun with toys because there is nothing else in their place. We'd gone four seasons without it and it was time to pull the trigger.

Long story short, I fell in love with a set but couldn't rationalize the dollar amount (again with the furniture prices, grrrr) so we continued to wait while I internally struggled with whether or not I could justify the purchase. When low and behold my parents came back down for the weekend and showed up with a truck bed full of patio furniture. SCORE! Problem solved. Mom and Dad to the rescue, again. Which left me faced with an even bigger problem, what color should the throw pillows be?!!!? (gasp! kidding. kind of.) So here's a little looksie at the new space.
Moreover, those toys that were taking over the backyard also needed a new space to live, so my dad also loaded up this awesome new shed he has his builder make me and I love it. We had some of Shane's buddies come over and haul it from the front the back yard (holy heavy) and then my dad set me up a nice little spot in the backyard so I could help him paint it ... I was technically still following bed-rest orders :) I sat mostly the entire time and only used my arms. (hehe, wink wink)

And the last little lovely addition to the outside was hanging my Mother's Day swing on our Magnolia tree and letting little man break it in. Small updated space make me happy.

And, the nearly three year old's birthday party guests will actually have a place to sit when they come to celebrate the little guy and that makes me happy too!

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  1. thats so exciting. were working on transitioning my two year old's bed into a toddler bed and im already a bucket of emotions for her ha. thanks for this :D


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