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Hi everybody! If you're here, more than likely that means you're concerned about me and my little family and want to know what's going on. So, to that I say THANK YOU! Thank  you for thinking of us. Thank you for taking your time to send us good vibes, positive energy and keep us covered in prayer. There is nothing better than knowing we have our very own prayer warriors fighting for us when we need it most! Jeremiah 20:11 "But The Lord is with me like a mighty warrior!"

If you follow my blog regularly, you will continue to get the health updates in your normal feed along with all things Katie + family overload via email/bloglovin/google feed, etc. but if you're not an avid blog follower - here is a page devoted directly to this whole medical spiel. Anytime I make a post about medical stuff, I will update this page and it will link you directly to the latest post. So come back and check on on us if you want an update. You can leave comments at the bottom and we'd love to hear from you!

**Most Recent Update posted on Thursday 11/10 - Confession: The Results are In

If you're new around here and want to start the story from the beginning, follow in this order:


  1. Katie, I just wanted to send my love and prayers to you and your family. I was impressed by you in college as your Advisor and I am overwhelmed with inspiration and awe at your strength and grace during this journey you are on. I will be praying for divine healing and joy for you and will be cheering for you in the coming days, weeks and months!

    1. Thank you Kelly!! Means so much to me that you reach out :)


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