Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Been a Doozy

Y'all, last week was a doozy. A D.O.O.Z.Y. All capital letters with periods behind each one. I fell asleep Saturday night mid text conversation with a gal pal somewhere around 9pm, and I still don't think I got enough sleep!

But, we all survived and I'm here to tell you about it! Well some of it atleast. I already recapped the updates on my health issues in Katie's Kronicles - and that was the grand kick off to a biggg week! With two additional big ones on it's heels. 

We got the results call Tuesday evening around 5:30pm and then tried to breathe (we early voted because we knew Tuesday may be dicey). But that was challenging as we watched the world lose it's mind over the election. We were EXHAUSTED and yet history (literally) was taking place, so we tried to force ourselves to stay awake as long as possible. We both fell asleep on the couch with CNN on in the background. However, we woke up around 2am and were able to watch Donald Trump give his acceptance speech. 

Wednesday this kids and I took a day off. We played, we sang, we danced, we shopped, we played with our food, we visited Santa at the mall and got their Santa badges, we just had a day together and laughed. We laughed A LOT. I needed it. I think the kids needed it too, Shane and I had been pretty tightly wound and it was time to breathe. 

Thursday B headed off to school while little Lainey Lou and I packed up the house and got ready to hit the road for the weekend! We were all road tripping back to Louisville and every single one of us, Maggie included, picked up Bennett from school. He thought it was so fun to have the whole fam damily picking him up!! 

We'd loaded up the car to the brim with random items, (our new routine when we head back to Louisville) so we can slowly start chipping away at the big move that is fast approaching. We unloaded the items at the new house and then popped over to our neighbors house (that's so fun to say) for pizza! Chris and Laura just moved to our new neighborhood too and we are PUMPED. 
We spent the night at Sissy and Poppy's house (and Lainey got to open some birthday prezzies) and woke up early for a day. A day y'all. We zipped to Bennett's new preschool in Louisville for his first day (they started forever ago, but we obviously aren't back in Lou yet so he hasn't gone). We're going to start being back more frequently and we're already paying tuition, so we thought we might as well give it a go! Drop off was not so peachy :( but his day turned around and we got a call from his teachers giving us a full rundown and feel so much better about it! 

Hubs and I had a company wide meeting at the track. He had a big presentation and I was proud to be his wifey. 
We left the track to go support one of my besties going through a rough time. Prayers please! And then we were off to another gathering (and I was exhausted) to find out the gender of one of Shane's best buddies new baby. It's a GIRL! Sweet little Isla Jean :)
Saturday morning we had a few places we had to be, and then it was on the road again and back to Nashville. We had a yummy road brunch at Cracker Barrel and picked up a hilarious game from the country store we're gonna bring to family Christmas this year. If you follow me on snapchat you got to watch Bennett play and it was downright hysterical. More to come on that game in a later gift post.

I made a yummy comfort meal of baked spaghetti for dinner, and per usual we battled our toddler to eat any of it. We snuggled each other and were thankful for another weekend together. Truthfully, that was our Saturday night. The week/weekend highlighted once again how short life can be and how important it is to let those you care about know you do. Bennett found a new favorite show and we laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore. Truthfully. We laughed so hard. 
Sunday we all slept in (Bennett and I a little longer than Shane and Lainey) and it was glorious. We all needed it. And once we filled our veins with coffee and apple juice, we cranked up Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" and had an epic dance party in the kitchen. We vowed to stay in our PJs all day and officially declared it Christmas time in our house! 

We minimally decorated this year, just enough to bring on the extra warmth and love of the season ... but not our normal over the top full house due to the move and house showings. Either way, we are pumped about it. And Bennett can't stop asking when Cocoa, our Elf on a Shelf, will arrive! I'm so excited about Christmas this year. B is gonna be so much fun!! The magic of Christmas in a child's eyes is truly magical!

Once we were finished, we headed to snag a U-haul trailer and filled it to the brim with odds and ends so we can start chipping away at this whole moving deal. 

Moving and containing children is no easy task. And don't let anyone tell you differently!
We've got even more fun on the horizon and the upcoming weeks will be doozies too. First up, galsgiving! Followed by little miss Lainey's first birthday party. Lots of funness mixed in. And drum roll, our Thanksgiving bi-annual trip to New York City!!!

I'm going to try to pop in as often as possible, but promise for lots of recaps when the dust settles!! Be thankful friends, there is LOTS to be thankful for.

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