Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Humpty's Halloween Adventure

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall ... Humpty Dumpty had a great fall ... All the King's horses ... and all the King's men ... couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.

That nursery rhyme has been recited in our home no longer than 1239480938409 times since last winter. So, it only made sense that we bring it to life this Halloween! It was homemade costume of course and an whole family affair, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Halloween is always a fan favorite around here and this year was no different. To take a look back on Halloween's passed check out previous posts:

Onto present day and our Our little Humpty Dumpty creation ...

Humpty Himself ...
And the brick wall ... (dear Lainey, please forgive me for making you a brick wall on your first ever Halloween. Know it was in good fun, and you can now dance extra hard at weddings when you head "She's a Brick House" because it truly is your theme song).
All the king's horses and all the king's men (ahem, Maggie)

And more horses (mommy and daddy)...
The night went a little like this: GoGo and PaPaw made the trek from Kentucky to come join in the festivities! And we gave GoGo her belated birthday prezzie!

Then we got the kiddos all dressed up, packed our dinner contributions and loaded the goodies to head to Franklin to Trick or Treat with some of our besties! Bennett and Lainey took a little car nap on the way there which made for good attitudes and extra energy .... #winning!
And then, watch out world. Superman and Humpty Dumpty are coming at ya (our favorite Fireman was refusing pictures) but don't be fooled, the trio was out in full force!
But not before digging in the sandbox ... in full costume! hahaha
Meanwhile, this sweet girlfriend of mine was getting all of the yummy food setup for our post treating dinner!
Just a brick wall and her daddy sharing a few appetizers.
And then it was time for the boys to start digging into treats.
And hit the road!
Bless their hearts, they ran hard and fast to make sure they got every last bit of candy.
Seeing them scamper across the yard made my heart go pitter patter.
And it was so fun seeing the littles be big boys and head up to the doors without a fear in the world. They were READY!
Penny videoed the entire night I'm pretty sure. And listening to her an my dad reminisce on their memories of  my brothers and I trick or treating was so fun.
The boys were hot and worn out (it was a cool 86 degrees in Nashville - WHERE ARE YOU OCTOBER?!). One of them fell and spilled all of his candy and the other two came over to ensure it was all returned to the bucket and everyone made a big deal of the spill. Which ensued a rather hysterical game of "pretend fall down and dump out all of the candy I've obtained".
That was our cue ... it was time to head back and fill our bellies with more food and more candy.
But not before little miss got her first real piece of trick or treat candy. She got a fun sized Snickers and was so happy about it. I remember Bennett's first time getting his first piece of Trick or Treat candy like it was yesterday. He got fun sized M&M's back in 2013.
 They kids each chose a sucker in lieu of dinner and we obliged because, well Halloween and kids.
It was such a fun night! We already can't wait for next year when little Lainey Lou will be working her hardest to keep up with her big brother!
 I love the awesomeness that is Halloween!
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