Monday, January 9, 2017

Farmhouse Finishes

Whew! It was a weekend folks. I mentioned Friday, I had a surgery for a spot on my face. All went well, and I've been resting most of the weekend. I'll share an update post once I meet with the doc next week - and give an update of all things health in a little while. But for the moment, thank you for your prayers. All went as best as could be expected and hopefully it will all heal beautifully.

While I had a weekend away (we had the surgery back in Nashville, and my MIL kept the kiddos back in Kentucky so I could rest) I made sure to make good use of my time spent on the couch. We're supposed to get our selection budgets for the new house this week, so I'm started to dream of post demolition and moving in!  I'm getting way too ahead of myself, but I can't help it. Foundations and demo are set to begin soon and I'm so far into the weeds with Farmhouse decor I don't know my head from a Magnolia leaf. Ha!

I've met with our cabinetry team and have a head start on that. I've devoured way too many decor magazines than I care to admit. And I've been googling images until my fingers bleed. Okay, not really. That would be weird and gross ... and would also mean I have a lot of free time on my hands, which I can assure you I do not. But, this weekend I did! And here are some of my favorite finds.

Starting with fun cute accents that my children will destroy, but I will want to put around the house anyways :)

All The Accents

And adding in beautiful furnishings that will complete the space, and be covered with cheesy peanut butter fingers in the matter of minutes.

Furnishings and Fun

Mixing in fabulous lighting accents to bring the rooms together and add fun touches throughout. And bonus - rare that the kids will touch the lighting ... but their nerf guns might.

Lighting Love

And last, but not least - adding farmhouse finishes to make it all complete. The barn doors on sliders, the brick back splash, the reclaimed woods and mix of rustic textures.

Farmhouse Finishes

I'm dreaming of you farmhouse. And I can't wait to put you all together! You've been such a great distraction this weekend, and I'm all giddy! Have a great week folks!

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  1. So glad your surgery went well!! I know you get anxious with each one even if it is pre-melanoma! I know at least I do! I always wait anxiously for that call that they got the margins! How fun to get to design a house and decorate! Love all the things you've chosen!!


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