Friday, January 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: January 2017 Edition

Hey remember that What's Up Wednesday thing I used to do. It happens at the end of every month and you link up on well, Wednesday. But around here ... when you're so excited for Demo Day you might pee your pants - you completely overlook Wednesday and forget to hit publish because you can't wait to hit publish on your Demo Day post! So, for fun - I'm sharing What's Up Wednesday on Friday ... and that's just how it's gotta be. K?! So as a refresher, on the last Wednesday (or Friday if you're me) we all link up and talk about these topics:

What We're Eating This Week: Uhm, out. Just eating out in general. We've moved into this little guest house of my parents and I don't have all of my things. I'm using pots and pans that aren't mine. A stove that I'm not used to cooking on. I've only halfway figured out our routine and grocery runs ... so I've lost my kitchen mojo. And therefore dinner often consists of handfuls of nuts and berries until one of us can't stand it and we order a pizza. Or we just go out. And way too often. Hopefully I'll get it together and stop doing that ... but I make no promises.

What I'm reminiscing about: The Bahamas.
My parents head down to their island home this time every year for a couple of months and we've been joining them during the month of February every year for about 3-4 years now. This year we took a year off, with the move, the health stuff and everything else it was just too much. They send us pictures constantly of all of our favorite places and the fun they're having and I'm thinking back on previous trips and wishing we were there too.

What I'm loving: Lipstick! Ha, is that weird? A girlfriend of mine turned me onto this lip stuff and I'm kind of into it. And that's coming from a gal that hardly ever wears anything but Vaseline on her lips! I'm hoping to gather some pictures, more info and share with ya'll a full post of my new found love. And, they won't be as creepy as this terrifying selfie. Promise.

What we've been up to: Life. Ya'll I've been telling you we're settled and to be fair, we are. But it still feels new and still has me kind of all over the place. I just got a text last night from Caroline and she was like "uhm hi, we used to be friends do you remember me!?" Haha! Guilty. There are times I'm convinced our lives are being controlled by alien puppet strings because I feel so all over the place. I was looking through pictures on my cell phone the other day and I took a picture of this. Like what? Why did I need a picture of that? I mean it's kind of funny, but was that really worth taking a picture of? Clearly I had more important things to waste my cell phone batter on than this magnet that I can assure you I did not buy. At least I don't remember buying it? Some day, some time I'll get back to normal I swear!

What I'm dreading: February 6 -- it's been three months and that means we're back with the doctors. Womp.

What I'm working on: The new house! Obviously! All things house. House house house.

What I'm excited about: The house! DEMO DAY IS SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY!!!!!!! (ahem, this post was written before Thursday obviously, but since I forgot to share - you can now read about that in the link).

What I'm watching/reading: Hubs and I just watched Inferno last night and I really liked it! It's filmed in Florence (be still my heart) so clearly it had me hook line and sinker from the beginning. I spent 6 months in Florence my sophomore year of college and hubs and I went back about four years ago and I can still smell the city if I close my eyes and think about it. But the movie was pretty good too, ha!

What I'm listening to: White Collar. I started this series right when we moved back to Louisville, and I've been watching it on my phone A LOT. Headphones in, show on. It's one of those series I don't have to be glued to the TV to know what's going on - so it's a good "on the go" show.

What I'm wearing: Heck I don't know. The weather goes from 60 degrees one day to 30 the next - so having a real "wardrobe" currently is a bit of a challenge. Jess and I were chatting yesterday about how sad we are we feel like we haven't been able to really bust out the sweaters this year. Mother Nature you're messing with my vibe. Get your act together.

What I'm doing this weekend: We've got a pretty busy weekend lined up. We've got a big party Friday, B's basketball game Saturday am, dinner plans Saturday night with some pals I can't wait to see and a little house/appliance/etc. shopping Sunday!

What I'm looking forward to next month: It's love month! A month where we get to be obnoxious with pink and red and fun arts and crafts with the littles. Extra treats and extra kisses. Sign us up! I realize Valentine's day is such a commercial holiday and totally silly (I completely agree) - but having kids and making it fun for them is really really fun. I've also got two people really close to me that are due with their littles next month (Hey MaK and Andrea!) and I'm so excited to meet them!

What else is new: I think that about covers it! Lipstick, house renos and baby snuggles! Whhoooop!

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  1. I am excited to hear more about this lipstick. Happy Friday!


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