Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Louisville Life

Well folks, we're finally underway. School routines are back in session, winter sports seasons have begun, surgeries and doctors visits are behind us, we've been to to the grocery more than once and are starting to learn the aisles and all in all we're settling into our little Louisville life. Or well, our New Albany, IN and Louisville, KY life ... because it won't really be Louisville life until the new house is complete. But I can't physically type Louisville life one more time without being annoyed for you that you've had to read it that many times. So, let's just get on with it shall we?

We've been struggling a bit from the "cooped up" winter blues ... so we took the kiddos on a little movie date to see Sing! It was Lainey's first movie (well aside from the one she slept through in her carrier at like 2 months old) and although she didn't make it through the whole thing, she did AWESOME!
 And let it be known, a girl after my own heart. She legitimately ate half a bag of popcorn all by her little self! She had zero self control and made this mama proud.
 We've been back and forth a lot with Bennett's little school and we've had extra paperwork, updated forms etc to get in order and Lainey's been the best little helper. She will start next year, and she's so curious when she roams the halls. I have a feeling she's going to love school as much as her big brother.
 We had our first snow of the year and the kiddos woke up in winter wonderland heaven. I still remember being a kid and waking up to learn you'd slept in a little and school was canceled. It was just a wonderful feeling! And while, my kiddos are a little young to know THAT feeling ... they still wake up with wonderment and it brings me all the feels. And, all the heart eyes.

 Jennifer stopped by for some work stuff just as we were about to take a little play break. Thank goodness for taking turns pulling the sled!
 Little Lou loved the snow ... that is until she fell face first in it. Haha! Does this make me a bad parent that instead of helping her right away I snapped a photo?!
 I cleaned her off and she was happy as could be once again. We had snowball fights, built a tiny snowman, made snow angels and of course ended the day with snow cone slushies. It was a nice little end to the week before having to head back to Nashville.
 Hubs and I got the kiddos squared away and then headed down to Nash for yet another surgery.
 I woke up happy and hungry! Hehe! and this past Thursday we learned: Yayyyy clear margins! Here's your PSA once again - get your skin CHECKED and do it often!
 We were once again reunited with our littles and started one of many snack dates in the kitchen.
 Like really, we have had a lot.
 And baking is a team effort these days.
 Little man started Karate and is LOVING is.
 He was so proud when he earned his Little Rhino's uniform.
 And this week he'll take his first test to earn his white belt.
 We've had tons of picnic lunches at the new house. I'm having to head over there frequently to get the mail, meet contractors, deal with appliances, etc. We set up a bounce house in the basement for little Lainey's first birthday party and have yet to take it down, so it's been a great distraction for the kiddos when we have to be there so often.
 Little miss Maggie Moo has probably taken this move the hardest. Bless her heart, her nerves are SHOT! But she's finding some comfy spots on the new couch and seems to be sleeping off the anxiety nearly every day :)
And, once again we loaded up and headed to Nashville. Lainey was meeting with some specialists and I had my post-op checkup. These kiddos that HATE their car seats because it means they actually have to be still for more than 10 minutes of their lives, have actually become decent little road trippers.
 And this little peanut did EXCELLENT at her visit! We cannot thank our doctors enough for making a terribly anxiety ridden day amazing for everyone. And all praise to Our Father in Heaven for gracing us with AMAZING news! We can finally rest easy on the health journey with Lainey and have been given incredibly reassuring news that our baby girl is A-OK!

 And a huge shout out to one of Bennett's besties and his momma, B had been missing his buddies and while Hubs, Lainey and I bounced from doctor to doctor; Bennett was happily getting in some QT with Jack and his momma (who is 35 weeks pregnant I might add) and keeping our little man happy happy while we took care of some business.
And then for the second time that day, we loaded up and headed home. But not before stopping to celebrate with some corn dogs on the road! Ha!
 Lainey and I have been running errands like crazy to make the most of our time while Bub is at school, and little miss found a hat the other day that she has been wearing non stop!
 Friday, we spent the day with one of my lifelong besties. I've been friends with Jessica since kindergarten. She has twins, you may remember them being born a while back and on Friday's she keeps her nephews. Bennett is directly in between the boys in age, so his after school activity was probably the best ever. Those boys laughed so hard I thought they'd pass out.
 And Saturday, basketball season began! It's a 6 week season and Bennett is in the 3 and 4 year old league on the Puma team - The Mighty Green Pumas. Watching these little tykes play is downright ADORABLE.
 They practice for 15-20 minutes before the game. Which essentially is every kid shooting baskets over and over.
 Little sister and I ate snacks in the bleachers.
 Until she couldn't handle she wasn't a part of the action and wanted to go watch closer.
 Then all of the teams join for prayer circle before the games begin.
 And when the game began, little miss was back in the bleachers with Grandpa, Susan and more snacks.
 And then the game began and they played their 4 quarters of basketball and we LOVED every minute of it. I failed to get many pics because I mostly took video and was too engrossed in watching these little people actually play real basketball (sort of). But rest assured, being a bleacher mom is totally my jam. And Bennett was STOKED about the after game snacks.

 That night we hung at Chris and Laura's new house and let the littles dance it out.

 And we wrapped the weekend with a little Sunday swim.

 And a sweet snuggle sesh on the couch. This rarely happens anymore, so I cherish it so much when it does.
And that's a little look at our Louisville life lately. Demolition on the new house begins soon, can't wait to report back with some updated pics!
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