Thursday, January 26, 2017

Demo Day!!

And just like that, the day I was starting to thin would never happen is FINALLY here! It's demo day on the new house and I'm totally picking up what this little meme is putting down.
We began talking about our big move back to Louisville during the month of August last year. And we closed on our new home in October. I've mentioned my low threshold of patience before, or lack there of for that matter. Soo, even though we've been working on plans and actually doing things behind the scenes - i haven't been able to see real progress, so my patience was growing thin to begin. And to me, it feels like we are really just starting, and the wait has seemed like FOREVER!

But alas, the day has come and exterior demo begins today. We will be in demo phases moving to completed framing stages through the first week of March. And they are telling us the entire renovation will take roughly 4 months to complete (although everyone we tell is like ... oh so that probably means 6-8 months ~ AHHHH stop! I NEED it to only be four!) Again, patience ain't my thing. Either way, here is a little looksie at the calendar we've been given up until framing is complete (our is much more detailed - but for sake of your time - here's the cliff notes):

  • Week 1 ~ Jan 26 + 27
    • Demo of Exterior Yard 
    • Dumpster arrives on site
  • Week 2 ~ Jan 30 - Feb 3
    • Demo of Interior
    • Jan 30 - Excavation of addition begins
    • Feb 1 - Foundation is poured
  • Week 3 ~ Feb 6 - Feb 10
    • Framing of Interior and Exterior
    • Insulation, gravel, etc for Foundation
  • Week 4-6 ~ Feb 13 - March 3
    • Framing of Interior and Exterior complete
I'm having some serious chats with the weather gods that they keep this month as mild as the last, so we don't have any big delays. But, my winter loving heart is a bit torn, because I also want some fun snow days for the kids. Oh, my first world problems are big today folks. 

Anywhoodles, I shared the photos of the new house the way we saw it and purchased it. And obviously, since then the previous owners have moved out, we've spent countless hours in the house both by ourselves, with family, with contractors, with friends, heck we were even crazy enough to celebrate Lainey's First Birthday at the house! And like I mentioned when I first shared the photos of the new house, I wanted to get some shots of the space completely empty so we could get some great before and after photos. 

So, it seems fitting that on demo day I share the house - empty and ready for it's new beginning. 

First Floor ~ Pre-Renovations

Kitchen/Pantry/Great Room addition (will be added off the back of that large window and current living room wall) ~ BEFORE

Kitchen/Dining/Hostess + Coffee Bar/Entry/Great Room addition ~ BEFORE

Laundry/Craft Room ~ BEFORE
Laundry/Mudroom ~ BEFORE

Home Office ~ BEFORE

Entry Foyer ~ BEFORE

Master Bedroom/Bath and Closet ~ BEFORE

Second Floor ~ Pre-Renovations

Upstairs + Bonus Room ~ BEFORE

 Lainey's Bedroom ~ BEFORE

Lainey's Bathroom + Closet ~ BEFORE
Guest Bedroom ~ BEFORE
Bennett's Bedroom + Bath ~ BEFORE

And there you have it folks! There is another bathroom (guest bath) that mirrors Bennett's that will also be updated that I apparently forgot to take a picture of - whoops! But, that's the house - the last time we'll ever (hopefully) be staring at pink and hunter green carpet and before we make it our own! So excited for this journey and can't wait to share some photos with ya'll once we're stripped to the studs!

My little sidekick and I have been working hard to get selections made, so when the contractors tell us they are ready we can be sure we are not the source of any delays. She loves coming to meetings with me because it means she gets extra suckers to keep her occupied.
But apparently she doesn't think it's nearly as much as I do ... because what I thought was a super exciting cabinet design appointment ... Lainey was actually so bored she fell asleep. Ha!

Gah, I love her even more than I love the fact that today is Demo Day (and that's A LOT!). Whew okay, Until then, I'll be the crazy lady taking photos of the dumpster because that sounds like a good time :)  Yayy for demo day! See yaaaaa real soon.

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  1. Girl I am swooning over everything!! This is going to be An amazing house. It already seems awesome so I can only imagine with your gut and Reno it's going to be fabulous!! I can't wait to see it along the way and when finished!!


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