Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Halloween is officially 2 weeks away! YAY!

so, when my gal pals and i all moved home - or away - or to somewhere new after college - it only took about 3 weeks until we all fell into the after-college-depression-doldrums from not seeing each other and having fun things to look forward to every single day. plus the addition of having a real job that we actually had to show up for - opposed to deciding it was "too cold" to walk to class and instead laid in bed watching sex and the city reruns all day *WAHHH* made for a hard transition to real life.

needless to say, it didn't take long before we instituted a weekly gals night to help us cope. my sweet friend Baili - aka - "the mother of the group" - is in charge nearly every week. (seriously bless her heart - she's a gem!) through daily group texts (thank god these were invented - whatever did we do without them?!), and daily G-chat conversations we effectively choose a new location on the Wednesday of each week, have dinner (or occasionally see a movie or something different) and catch up - again it helps us cope -
BUT -i don't think the void in our hearts of no longer being in college will ever truly go away.

2 years ago we decided to add annual gals night pumpkin carving as one of our Wednesday night rituals - SO FUN! - and this event conveniently is hosted at my house (this will be year numero 3).  I hosted the previous 2 years at my old house in St. Matthews and the event went off without a hitch:

2010 Pumpkin Carving Gal's Night.
Pumpkins left to right: I cant remember, i just know the bottom middle, struggling one, belongs to my sweet friend Laura
Pictured bottom left: Mere and Quinn - Quinn has a fancy fashion blog worth following here

2011 Pumpkin Carving Gal's Night
Pictured (bottom left - up & down - to bottom right): Baili, Laura, Emily, Me, Mere, Quinn, Teddi
 HOWEVER -- Shane i moved this year to Middletown - so this will be my first pumpkin carving hostess job at the new digs (not my first hostess job at the new digs - that event took place to celebrate my sweet friend Holly's engagement. I made wayy too much of my sister-in-law Jessica's baked spaghetti - but I'll share that recipe with you later) because this is the first Halloween event - and due to my extreme love for pinterest (it's my favorite nighttime | while watching TV | laying bed activity) - i feel i should add a little extra pizazz this year.

first and foremost I'm considering making a polka dot pumpkin. I've created well over 26 jack-o-lanterns in my day and thought a cutesy punkin' on my front steps just may make the neighborly ladies envy my style (considering the state of yard is definitely NOT hyping our cool status -- swear, I'll have to get around to posting pictures of that some day - MAYBE - orrrr i may save us the embarrassment until we get around to fixin' it up) - I'm thinking something from inspiration in this pic - but want mine to be more uneven sizes and all over...

 and then, i want to have fun Halloween goodies and some cute decor - because you're NEVER too old to celebrate Halloween in my book. or ANY holiday for that matter (let's be real - this is coming from the girl who's mother still wraps my Christmas gifts tagged
"From: Santa" - for real though) ... thinking some items like these:

you can find these ideas and SOOO many more on one of my fave blogs
Hostess With the Mostess! Seriously - the most amazing ideas for parties ever.

okay, again someone bring me back down to earth. to all of my beloved gal pals that are reading this - let's be honest - my house will look nothing like this. you'll be lucky if i have the card tables unfolded and the cookie sheets "pammed" for the pumpkin seeds before you get there - so don't get your hopes up. BUT - this IS what i envision - and Shane IS out of town again next week - so you little ghouls and goblins just may get hallo-lucky!!

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