Thursday, October 18, 2012

will you be my ____?

Choosing your wedding attendants is so fun - but was so hard to choose (and we had 10 ya'll - I'll introduce them individually later)! I know everyone always says "we have the best friends and family in the entire world" - but we really do. And were so proud to have them stand by our side on our big day. See what i mean, aren't they great?

Shane and I got engaged in a hot air balloon in 2009 - after almost 4 years of dating. if you want more deetz on how this sweet lil' guy popped the question
you can reference the story here 

aside from being the MOH in my cousin sister MaKenzie's wedding and being in a couple of weddings as a young gal - Shane and I were one of the first of our group of friends to tie the knot - so wedding planning, choosing attendants, the whole "what you're supposed to do while planning a wedding" mindset was a bit foreign.  And i didn't have a lot of people to talk to about it either.

mind you people - believe it or not this was BEFORE Pinterest - or well before i had learned about it anyways (it could have very well been out there, but I'm frequently a little late to the game).  so there was no "dream wedding pin boards" or "what i want on my big day" ideas aside from google images when it came to "creative ways to ask my bridesmaids".
yes, guilty - i googled that. 

*NOTE -- we're referring to asking the wedding party here, not the actual wedding.  when it came to actually planning the wedding i had been introduced to Pinterest at this point and it's safe to say it quickly consumed my every moment.  and thank goodness, because it helped to pre-occupy my wedding obsessed brain. i even learned how to share boards with people (so cool!) Kristen of Five Dot Designs and I shared an invitation inspiration board which helped us to share ideas easily despite being a decent distance apart and the invitations turned out BEAUTIFULLY (don't care in the slightest if I'm biased - they were the bomb) - if you're in the market for invites - follow her blog to get your own inspiration. (more details to come on these beauts later - but I'm still obsessed with our lace envelopes *GUSH*).

However, we still had to formally ask our attendants - so here's the deetz:

Asking the Bridesmaids...with COOKIES!

well - if you know me at all, then you know how much i love delicious treats. and if you're a member of my family (or a close friend) then there is a good chance you have encountered on one occasion or another - the "Cookie Lady's Cookies".  I'm sure she has a real name, and if i asked my mom i know she could tell me, but she seems so much more magical when i just refer to her as "The Cookie Lady"

Long and short of it - her cookies are delicious, extremely inexpensive, decorated by hand and a general great addition to any holiday or event.  So, it only seemed fitting i incorporate a batch of goodies for all of my lovely soon to be maids.

i had her personalize each batch by writing "(NAME), Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"  I then had my Junior Bridesmaid (Tatum) accompany me in delivering each set of cookies to everyone on a random weeknight :) (aside form the out of town girls - i sent theirs *BUBBLE WRAPPED* to their apartments and texted them nearly every day obsessing over a mysterious package.  Such a fun time - again now with the introduction of Pinterest, i likely could have been more clever, or used a cutesy poem - but my way suits me juuuust fine.


Asking The Groomsmen - You Got Iced.

Shane was in the same boat as me when it came to coming up with a fun way to ask the dudes - NO INITIAL IDEAS.

He too however, wanted to ask his groomsmen in a unique way as well - to make the experience as memorable as possible (yes, husbands a sap and we love him for it).  So we thought and thought and finally concocted a plan we were content with.

He invited all of the boys to his house for a "guys night cookout" and during the festivities Shane made sure everyone was on the back deck cooking burgers and what not and snuck inside to "grab something" and instead brought out his little surprise for all the fellas.

He then presented each of them with a personalized Smirnoff Ice and "iced" all of the attendants.  For those of you unfamiliar with "icing" it is a game people play in which you inconspicuously present someone with a Smirnoff Ice and the victim then has to get on one knee and chug - if you're really interested - google it or visit wikipedia to learn more :)

the ideas are endless, and anything goes. but no matter how you ask, I'd vote to make it a little more personal than just a phone call  - I'd love to hear your ideas or stories of great "Will You By My ___" stories!

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