Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sugar, SPICE & everything nice

a couple of months ago was my sweet little niece - Emmie Claire's - birthday.  so, as usual, i was on the hunt for a great birthday present for the precious gal - with NO tons of help from Shane ;) - but i need you to understand, when i say precious, i MEAN precious:

 now, come on you know i couldn't leave you with just 2 pictures. notice the title of this post - sugar, SPICE, and everything nice.  i reference frequently that she IS sweet. and she IS precious. but this feisty four year old is also a SPIT FIRE. woooweee :o) she reminds me of myself at such a spry young age. and she's pretty stinkin' smart too -
Exhibit A - counting in Spanish:

ain't she a doll. then she runs around like a crazy person and she's no longer a precious moments doll. but then she opens her mouth and that sweet little kid voice sings you a song:

 Whew! gets ya every time and you forget all about that SPICE - she's back to everything nice. especially when you find her and your sweet hubs cuddling together while taking a nap. melts my heart. gah.

so, anyways - remember last post - when i told you how i had a string of creativity - and a knack for homemade things? well when it comes to practical gifts, this is a category that has potential to fall right in line (although, i vow to my family members to never give you a puffy paint sweater for Christmas and expect you to actually wear it - HOWEVER - i can't promise if time ever allows, you won't end up with a crochet scarf - sue me - i think it would keep my hands occupied while watching TV - FAMILY --> QUE INTERVENTION NOW - DO NOT LET ME GET TO THIS POINT - yet * :o) *) .  

so, while talking with my sister-in-law (can we come up for a new name for that - it sounds so rigid!) Jessica, she informed me Emmie is currently REALLY into dress up. I'm talking if it has sparkles, ruffles, heels, is size XXXL she wants to wear it - in front of EVERYONE- dress up status. which is ultimately the greatest thing ever. it leads to the BEST childhood pictures (some of my favorite of my cousin MaK and i come from dress up days), the funniest moments and general good times for the whole family.  here she is dressed up as some version of the little mermaid, co aligned with fancy furry slippers and a matching tiara - her big sister Tatum did her make-up - presh.

with a couple of days until her big birthday pool party, i began racking my brain for ways to incorporate the dress up obsession with her cute room.  *i plan to get pictures to share with you later, but my mother-in-law (again, need less rigid name) had an ADORABLE tulle yellow and pink bed skirt and pillow shams made for her bedroom which added the most adorable feminine cutesy touch to her cute cream furniture without overdoing it (6 year old katie bugg is green with envy)*

i was sitting in our living room staring at our wet bar when the idea cam to me. NO, NO - it's not what you're thinking. i did not come up with a way to incorporate a bar into a 4 year old's bedroom (...although that would be kind of cool if it served milk and apple juice - coolest kid on the block would be taken to an entirely new level - there would have to be a brand new series of "Cribs: Tenacious Toddlers" - oh goodness - Emmie would be the perfect fit for that...) - but, again we're not talking a wet bar - instead, i had just recently refinished the aforementioned wet bar and i was admiring my handy work - at that very moment i was thinking of how it would look great if i refinished the armoire in our guest bedroom upstairs  --- are you putting together the pieces now :) ---
when it hit me *A DRESS UP ARMOIRE* - how cool!?

now, like i mentioned (with all things gifts, personalized and handmade) my imagination and expectations often far exceed the final product.  and generally, when you are the world's worst procrastinator such as myself, its hard to bring these mentioned genius ideas to fruition in a few short days (or hours... pending the project :oP)

so naturally...in my mind...i was imagining something  like this:

you know, fairly simple and chic, elegant embellishments, beautiful flowers, soft girly colors, a mirror that Miss America would envy, just your average run of the mill dress up armoire that every 4 year old girl deserves. but, then i unfortunately had to wake up from my day dream, review the bank account and rethink. darn.

so, i began scouring the house for a tangible staring point: the armoire itself.  it crossed my mind that i could buy wood from Lowe's or something and build the petite frame (which i fully intend to do, should i ever create one of these again ... who knows - little Maebyn - my other sweet niece may just get lucky in about 3 years!) - for that i was imagining something sort of like this (and yes, the yellow would have matched perfectly, darn again):

In reality, i think this would be simpler than one might think. It sort of looks like:
1.  large night stand with the top 2 drawers removed
2.  shower or curtain rod
3. modge podge scrapbook paper or sticker details
VOILA! A Child's Dress Up Armoire ... again, be patient Maebyn :)

*oh you'd like to meet sweet lil' Maebyn? well certainly - I'd be glad to show you*

Meet Maebyn Noelle

and while we're at it -
 let's just meet the
 whole ridiculously beautiful family
her parents: Ross and MaKenzie

followed by this one, b|c I'm a proud new
auntie & okay I'm beyond mildly obsessed
with this picture - & these ladies -
in general everything about it


okay and last but not least, while we're on the creative gravy train- i simply can't post about this awesome little nugget and not give HUGE props to her mommy - and feel a slight twinge of jealousy - because although in my mind i believe I'm creative - my seester - Makenzie (yes, the beautiful lady pictured above who looks that hott after birthing a baby for 14 hours, yea, her) she's really creative. like really. check out her Etsy shop here if you're ever in the market for invitations, announcements, business cards, etc. i can tell you first hand you'll be glad you did - but you need not click on her site just to see - check out the most ADORABLE outfit ...uhm, ever?... that she had made & brought little Maebyn home in:

get a load of those slippers AND that head band! - i die. literally, dead.
okay, but back to sweet Emmie Claire and her dress up chest :) - so, as stated, i had to rethink.  no magnificent embellishments, no 24 karat gold painted handles, and likely no diamond encrusted hand held platinum mirrors (i told you, it was in a DEEP daydream), and unfortunately at this point i also didn't have an old nightstand lying around, nor the time to go searching for one at a flea market or peddlers mall.  So - TIME TO IMPROVISE!

luckily for me, and for her i guess :), Shane and I had several old trunks leftover from our wedding decor (we had an outdoor wedding and provided various items in trunks located around the tent such as flip flops, koozies, etc) - so i found the perfect little white trunk that i was convinced i could turn into a make shift dress up chest.

my initial idea was to turn the chest on it's side and have the lid open as if it were a door - sort of like this (minus the whole 1700's look)

however, again with that daggone time and ability factor, i was forced to leave it as a normal opening trunk. plus, the trunk i chose had built in wheels on the bottom along with handles on either side so the ability for it to stand up right posed as a problem.  nevertheless, i started scrubbing the trunk to make sure it was clean as a whistle and ready to be filled with all of Emmie's beautiful items.  i lined the inside with an old pillow case and some felt so there were no chance of her sweet little hands getting splinters (ouch!) and then added embellishments * no, not in gold :o(  * all over the trunk.

*Sorry, for the life of me i cannot get this picture to turn the right way :( - if you have any suggestions let me know!* 

the next item up for bid was incorporating that elegant Miss America mirror i was talking about, but had to settle for a craft table mirror from Michael's - but it was just the perfect size for her precious little face.  then i made sure to use some pretty ribbon and add Velcro to either end so she could easily stash her bracelets, hair bows, and necklaces. and lastly it was off to the dollar store, my closet and Clair's to fill the bad boy up with all sorts of fun items - you can't really see it, but i think the purple boa ended up being the fan favorite :)

and there you have it folks - a homemade birthday gift filled with tons of treasures!
Happy Birthday sweet Emmie.


  1. pretty obsessed with this blog bluedaisy32... esp that dress up chest! so creative!

  2. thanks pal! I'll make ya one for all your pretty clothes if you want ;0) hehe.

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