Monday, October 15, 2012

these BOOTS

it's official - Fall is here!  My FAVORITE time of year. Beautiful colors, chicken & dumplins, BOOTS, pumpkins, candy corn, BOOTS, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, an excuse to constantly drink lattes (okay wait, i do that all the time anyway), tailgates, and did i mention BOOTS <--- thank goodness - feels so good to be back in my uniform.

since this is my first post, and it's officially fall - it only feels right to dedicate it entirely to BOOTS! Furthermore, my life was made complete last night at the Eric Church concert at the Yum! Center in Louisville, KY when he sang "These Boots" and nearly the ENTIRE audience took off a boot and held them in the air - i felt like "I was with muh peeples!"  And, of course, I made my entire family participate:

I don't think they were as amused as moi, but they were good sports :) (Thanks Guys)

okay - so more importantly - what's on the must have boot list for this year you ask? here's my current top 3 - 'fits all facets of life' list - I'll keep it short - because we still have the entire season - and there's bound to be MANY more BOOT posts.

1. Aldo - Caltabiano - Gray Misc
I really love gray. Plus with the tan accents the boot swings both ways. In addition Aldo has a great way of incorporating a built in wedge which gives a little height for short lil' gals like me - but comes off as a casual flat boot.

2. Steve Madden - Candence - Black Leather
I'm currently wearing these today. Steve Madden is always a solid choice when searching for a fab looking affordable option. Plus - it's hard to find black boots that don't look either a) too biker chick b) too sexy chick or c) too Gothic chic - however - These Boots have passed the test and fortunately don't look too a, b, or c - but rather d) comfy, casual, cute chick - perfect!
3. FRYE - Paige Trapunto - Tan
and last, but MOST definitely not least - *sigh* - these beautimous Frye Babies.  i LOVE the color. and love that they're Frye. i also love that my wonderful hubby has them on order for me and they should grace my feet soon <3 LOVE <3

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