Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing Fail.

Wow. Sorry. For those of you who's alerts and blog rolls have been blowing up with posts from me. Clearly you can see what kind of post I am working on next.  

Teaser: I believe I have finally found the missing link to the nursery planning puzzle.  And I'm working up a big fancy post to share.  In doing so, I also enlisted the help of our friendly favorite website polyvore.  BUUUUUT I failed to notice while setting up my account that I accidentally linked it to my blog and therefore ANYTHING I do shows up as a new post.  It is downright SPOILING by nursery surprise for all of you and I'm literally having a screaming fit over it.  Nevertheless, I have deleted the accidental posts, so if you try to click on the pictures to see them in more detail you CAN'T! HA! So there.  Well, at least not until the big reveal.

But anyways, I figured I'd formally apologize and then leave you with a Bathroom update.  We're SO CLOSE Y'ALL.  I'm talking SO CLOSE.  If you've missed the initial posts you can find them here and here.

So here are some pretty pictures of where we are.  I've been taking pictures as we go along, so some of the more unfinished are from 1 or 2 weeks ago and the others are from LAST NIGHT (sorry about the terrible picture quality I've just been snapping them on my phone)!  EEEkkkk.  I almost have my bathroom back, and constructions workers gawwwwn.  Buh bye. Leave me my beautiful stone and get out. Please and thank you.

So that's it.  We've still got some fixtures to replace, minor plumbing to complete, walls to be painted and decor to be added.  But after that, I think ladies and gentleman we will have our master bath completely renovated. WHEW!  And I'd say that MORE than deserves a pint of this....if only I hadn't eaten it all yesterday for Fat Tuesday...hehehe :)

Goodbye my loves!

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