Friday, February 1, 2013

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself ...

Woot Woot - it's finally Friday!  Alright so our household right now is a bit out of whack with all of the construction we've got going on (DOES IT EVER ENDDDD?!).  I swear its like nothing is EVER clean because the construction workers track so much dust and grit in and out of the house daily .. it's driving me NUTSO.  Not to mention, because one of the updates is our master bath they are 110% in my personal space, getting dust all up in my bedroom and let's not even start with how I feel about my poor wardrobe getting all nastified.  I can assure you however, pregnancy has made me crazy enough to make Shane help me put plastic on the bed every morning, because I refuse to sleep on dirty sheets and I WILL NOT wash them daily. 

Alas, this added to my already raging pregnancy hormones ... coming home at night is not what it should be right now and I just need them to get a MOVE ON!  That being said, now that my baby bump is in full force and no longer looks like I just had one too many cheeseburgers for the last 4 weeks (well I guess it still kind of does -- but I'm trying here PEOPLE!) ... pregnancy and alllllllll that comes with it is in full effect.  

I was fully committed to sharing my thoughts on what I've observed in my 5 months of pregnancy, but low and behold when I was catching up on my blogs today my sweet friend Caroline already had it packaged in a bow for me :0)  For those of you who do not know or already follow her (you should start), Caroline is a fellow Floyds Knob's gal and grew up on the right side of the Ohio River as a young tyke like myself (okay, so we both ended up moving to KY and sometimes don't claim IN for all we should or shouldn't - but we represent when we travel in packs).  When I made the decision to attend The University of Kentucky and go through Recruitment you better believe lil' miss was shouting my name from the rooftops (or so they tell me).  And seeing as though she can be a persuasive little nugget, Chi Omega got me .. and well, the rest is history.  And I wouldn't change it for a thing.  Another fun fact - our little ones are due 15 days apart - so we like to share pregnancy secrets, stories and updates as frequently as possible.

Anyways, Caroline's Blog: "Shades of Gray" took care of all the writing for me today and I was literally laughing out loud.  Her thoughts (which are 100% my sentiments as well) can be found here (and in the other 2 links above, because I wanted to make sure you could get there!).  If you're pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or just in for a good laugh ... it's a highly recommended read. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Have a great weekend gang -- and if you're looking for some Super Bowl Party tips and thoughts make sure to catch my post from earlier this week!


  1. For clarification - these comments do not apply to ANY of my friends or family. This is more of the "complete strangers" category :)

  2. Thanks for the blog love, lady!!! Couldn't be happier that 1. You've been dealing with the same crazies as me. And 2. I've got someone as fabulous as you to compare this wild experience with. Love you to pieces :)

    1. Why of course lady! I was literally laughing out loud while drinking my coffee this morning. "You are aware a baby weighs 6-9 lbs right?!" hahaha


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