Monday, May 5, 2014

And the other half speaks ...

I was doing a bit of exploring the other day jumping from blog to blog for some fresh content, when I stumbled upon T.O. & Fro.  I stopped for two reasons:
  1. The name was cute and catchy, plus T.O. is one of my Chi Omega besties, so I figured it must be decent :)
  2. She had a little hubby Q&A and I immediately wanted to replicate!
So here we go ladies and gentleman ... this is real-life from the hubs, completely uncensored. Random questions for SDBU.

What is the name of my blog?
 BlueDaisy in the BlueGrass

What's the meaning behind the name?
"Bluedaisy" is your favorite flower.  "Bluegrass" the state in which we reside. 

(he gives me an almost DUHH look)

What do I write about?
Mostly Bennett, but I would say your life and times. It's about interesting travels, interesting life happenings, things that make you laugh and a lot about little man.

What is your favorite post that I've written?
Hmmm...probably......hmmm...uhhhh...probably either Bennett's newborn post or that most recent egg one. That one was very comedy, no comedic, and tagged a holiday and was funny and meaningful.

(awwwe huubs :) you're really paying attention!) 

What are some things we like to do together?
Go on walks, travel, play with BUBs, uhmmm (we'll leave that comment out...), watch some TV shows, sleep, and I would say sports, buuuuut that doesn't really happen now that we have Bennett, soooo.

(he makes our life sound so boring, when indeed it is not)

What do I do while you're at work? 
Take care of the house, work on your personal work assignments, watch over our little BUB and entertain him. Uhm included in taking care of the house I mean like groceries and stuff. I think that covers it.  

(incredibly riveting :) )

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Uhhhm read articles. Read business articles. Work on my little hobby business. And ... I'm calling spare time like any completely free time, which I don't have a lot of anymore ... so that's probably it. Oh and U of L, I follow U of L athletics.

What is the most annoying thing I do?
Uhhhmmmm (grinning slyly) hmmmm. I would say your general lack of patience is the thing that annoys me most about you. 

(okay, well then hurry up and answer! hehehe)

What is your dream vacation? 
The wife and the BUBs to probably like, a European island, like maybe in Greece or maybe in ... somewhere islandy. I guess friends could come too, but ideally just the two of you.

(he so sweet <3)

What's your go-to outfit?
(Grabs face, as in "are you SERIOUS") ... uhm brown wing-tipped shoes, jeans and an oxford button down with a watch. 

What's our favorite meal to make together? 
Spaghetti. You make a cool sauce while I make the noodles.

(let's be real here folks, he can ONLY make spaghetti)

What's your drink of choice?

What's your favorite memory?
Our European trip right before we had BUBs.

What's your favorite website? 

What kind of car do you wish you drove?

What is the best meal I make?
That's a tough one, goose (he calls me goose). Probably like your fruit and spinach salad with... wait that would be the a side of the meal. And then maybe a lasagna as the main course? Gosh babe, you make a lot of good meals. I don't know if I can pick just one.  

(brush them shouldahs offffff)

What is yo jam?

Walk me through a start to finish grooming routine?
Take off your clothes. Get in the shower. Shower for 15 minutes. Ehhh 10-15. Get out. Comb wet hair. Throw in the gel. Wait, throw in the gel while hair is drying. Shave. Throw on the deodorant. Mmmmm, brush my teeth. I guess that's it?

(I'm sure he get's dressed eventually?)

Anything else you'd like to add? 
Not everybody can have a purple sheep, but you can because you are special. I love my son. I love my wife. And I really want to know what you are doing. 

(I think he's looking for brownie points, and he's a little strange too).

So there you have it folks. My husband. At his finest. 

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