Monday, November 24, 2014

All The Gold

I remember in high school when I would need jewelry for something and I would always ransack my mom's loot. But I would always come up empty handed because it seemed EVERYTHING she had was gold ... and all I wanted was chunky sterling silver (ohhh teenage Katie, your style was tacky).

But now my dears, times have certainly changed. What I wouldn't give to still live at home and sport all of mom's fun, fashionable, and way nicer than anything I own gold pieces. I'm certain I would wear almost all of it now.

I know, I'm way late to this party ... but I'm loving all things gold right now. As I'm scouring websites for Black Friday deals and ideas I may want to ask Mr. Claus himself for this year ... I can't help but stop on every single dainty gold jewelry item I can find.

All The Gold
1: Lola James Jewelry engraved jewelry
2: Dogeared jewelry
3: Nadri bracelet
4: Argento Vivo knot ring
5: Kate Spade mini 

All the love. All the gold. All five pieces. Happy gobble til' you wobble week!
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