Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap Salute

I have excellent memories of Halloween as a kiddo, and I plan to make sure my little ones do too. Check out our past halloweens here-2012 and here-2013 if you'd like to catch up on years past. 

This year, little mister was an teensy tiny Army soldier for Halloween. He's still at an age where all of the store bought costumes seem so big and fluffy; and that mixed with his sometimes not-so-graceful walk seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, when I saw all of this adorable camo inspired clothing( I can repurpose I might add) on the sales rack at Old Navy, his costume was indeed a no-brainer. 

However, after the weather that so kindly graced our area (sleet, rain, and freezing temps) a fluffy warm costume may have been a not so bad idea. Nevertheless, we invited all the family members and our favorite minis, cooked a big ole pot of white chicken chili and some chicken and dumplings and had ourselves a grand ole time!  Bennett was even a sport about the costume, was utterly in LOVE with the idea of running to and from people's houses to get treats (he even would enter their homes uninvited on occasion), and was sometimes a little too in character ;)

And so friends, let me introduce for the first time on the blog: Sergeant Bennett.

 And every good soldier needs a companion, of course!  So no doubt Sergeant Forest Uttich found his best good friend Bubba aka Maggie. They even share snacks when the trek gets fierce. Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 Maggie's camo jacket came from the hunting section at Meijer. These two make my heart melt.
 Trick or treat bag: $1.99 lunch box, also from Old Navy … #WINNING

 Time to get them suckaaas (talking about the candy of course).  Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 

 Hold up, no one crosses this point without paying the toll (candy is the currency tonight). Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 Heading into the battle field, making sure the move is secure. Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 Paying close attention to detail looking for enemy clues. Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 I spy with my little eye…troops we must head upward! Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 Army strong.
 HOOAH! Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 Side note, and added bonus: Old Navy also had a few little jacket numbers so Mommy and Daddy could join in the fun!
 I caption this: Today's Army Wants to Join You! Be All You Can Be. (past Army slogans) Ie: Sergeant Bennett in character. 
 And some of our favorite minis made the trek all the way from the great state of Ohio to join the fun! Here are the twins, Truette and Larkyn aka Mario and Luigi.
 I mean, seriously. Small people in costume. Be still my heart.
 And of course their sweet parents and big sister, Maebyn aka Princess Peach. YES PLEASE!
And our other favorite minis!! Emmie and Brody aka Dorothy and a pirate, ARRGH matey.
 So many treats!
 So much FUN!!
 Onto the next!!

 Cousin LOVE!
 I think he would have stayed out all night if we would have let him. Sweet boy!
 And we rounded out the night with a big ole cousin filled baby bath, but for the sake of all of them hating me when they are older for posting their bath photos online, I'll keep those to myself.

 And for those of you wondering, what does it look like when you are getting four tiny tots in bed at the same time?  A little something like this … all hands on deck.

Too much stinking fun. I want it be Halloween AGAIN!
And a serious heart filled THANK YOU to all of our Armed Forces and also to their families that spent Halloween without their loved ones away fighting for our country. We appreciate all you do.

Until next year, Happy Halloween!
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  1. Sergeant Bennett went to war and won our hearts! Thank you for sharing so we may delight in your joy as well.

    - Trinity and Justin

  2. My heart is so full reading this post. Such joy and so much fun to be sharing these memories together. LOVE YOU. ~ Noellie Bellie

    1. It's one of those weekends I wished didn't have to end :( we had SOO soo much fun!!


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  4. Oh wow, he is looking fantastic in this cameo Halloween attire. You chose perfect outfit for him. You know dear we are also going to host Halloween themed bridal shower for my friend at one of domestic Seattle venues. She is so excited for this unique shower.


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