Monday, February 22, 2016

Black, White + Love All Over

Guys, my apologies. Things have been a little sketchy around here with me up and deciding to take my children on an international flight, alone, on a whim. Mixed with crazy weather and super busy schedules and it's left me little time to update you on what's happening.

However, I'm taking today and tomorrow to get my life back in order (and catch up on the DVR) (and finally get around to seasoning my cast iron skillets I got for my birthday) and the blog made the list of items that need to be updated.  So, I promise to overload you with update posts that have occurred in my absence.

For today however, here was a little post I had drafted that I anticipated sharing on Valentine's Day and clearly forgot to hit the publish button :)

My littles. True love forever and ever and ever.

 Happy belated Valentine's Day my loves!
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  1. I really like first picture because they could be seen as a adorable photograph of two siblings growing up together or an ominous harbinger of things to come.

    Your Loving Brother,

    Max9 Neace

    1. Hahaha. Why is my little brother so smart?! I had to google what in the world an ominous harbinger even was.


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