Monday, February 1, 2016

Saturday Nights

A couple of Saturdays ago we had big plans ... get dinner and spend our Christmas monies at Toys 'r' Us. BIG plans I tell you. While we waited on daddy we ate a cookie bar (what Bennett calls a granola bar) and chatted in the kitchen. 

Nothing superb or fancy, just life and my sweet boy. And moments that I adore. Just listening to his sweet little voice and talking with him about whatever he deems important. This conversation in particular involved worms and being stinky. And that's adorable.

Little Lainey Lou was hanging out too of course. The doc is a little concerned about her neck muscles and has us doing some PT and exercises - so here we are in the bumbo just getting all buff :)
 Or trying to! Ha!
Saturday nights sure do look different around here these days. But we wouldn't trade them for the world.

We had some warm weather this weekend and took full advantage of the vitamin D. So great in fact, we soaked up the rays and left our phones inside and just spent the weekend with family and friends. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week!  Sending good vibes for  the week ahead.
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