Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lainey Lou ~ A Quarter Through

And just like that ... a quarter of your first year of life is complete. Good grief I think I goes by even faster the second time around!  Here's your stats as of 2.1.16 at 3 months old baby girl!

That giggle. I heart it.
 She wasn't crying. She's got a little cold thanks to big bros germy-ness :)

 I feel like shes waving in this pic and she's like "oh, hey ... I'm 3 months old"
 And because it seems to be her favorite ... a photo bomb before we move on.
We love you pretty little!

Now, onto other info and more scenes from the past month...

How Big Are You?
  • At your 2 month check up you were long and lean just like your big brother! Your next check up is 3.8.16 so we'll be sure to include those numbers in your 4 month stats. Here were your 2 month #'s:
    • W: 9 pounds 14 ounces - 20%
    • H: 23.75 inches - 92% 
    • Head: 15.5 inches - 89%
  • As a reference, we can definitely tell you're getting bigger! You're gaining more weight and I think you're getting longer too. 

What's Your Temperament?
  • You're doing much better at the hold me all the time game. Don't get me wrong, you'd probably still prefer to be held 24/7 if we would, but you're doing better at exploring on your own and finding some contentedness in your seats and swings. You're still the cuddliest squishy every though and so adorable! 
  • You're continuing to find your voice + learning to smile - our favorite! 
  • You've started to give us glimpses of your giggle, but no full blown giggle/laughter just yet. I think that will probably happen this month and I'm so excited!
  • Your colic is MUUUCH better! Can we all do a happy dance?! WAHOO!
What Are You Eating?
  • This month was a big transition for us! Not only did we wean from exclusively breastfeeding, but we also worked with you to stretch your feedings and you did great!
  • This month you ate mostly eating a breastmilk + formula mix diet (probably 80/20). You take bottles all day and you're breastfeeding at night. 
  • Because we've stretched your feedings close to every four hours, you're eating more like 5-6 ounces at a time! And you're doing great lady!
What Are you Sporting?
  • You're still in #1 diapers and the blowouts are for the most part under control! Whew!
  • We've been playing dress up non-stop this month to get the most out of all the clothes we were gifted! You're in 0-3 months and 3 month attire and you're just the cutest. Bottom line.
  • Plus we've been wearing more bows and shoes. Fun fun!
How Are You Sleeping?
  • We've turned the sleeping corner (sort of) gotta love that 3 month mark for that reason alone!
  • Like I said last month, we re-introduced the velcro swaddle-me sleepers and did away with the loose blankets and you've excelled!
  • If you wake up, you only wake up once in the night (around 3 am) are nursed and head straight back to sleep. It really all depends on what time we give you your last bottle. But you're ready to hit the hay around 8:30 -- so usually that's what we do.
  • Daddy puts Bennett to bed around 8 and during that time you and mommy play a little, get in your PJ's, drink a bottle and get swaddled up and tucked into the bassinet in our room. Mommy and Daddy hang on the couch for a few hours, feed you one last nighttime bottle and then we join to for beddy bye around 11. You sleep next to me, so if you wake I'm right there. You generally get up around 6:30-7 and daddy often gets up with you and gives you a morning bottle. You stay up and play for an hour or two and then head back down to take about an hour long nap in your own crib. 
  • We're going to continue to work this month on transitioning you solely to your own crib and out of our room assuming your sleep patterns remain the same. You're getting so big!! 

Lainey Likes + Dislikes:
  • Dislikes:
    • Gas pains :( 
    • At your doctor's appointment last month we learned that you've got a mild case of torticollis - basically you favor a side and will only put your head in one direction - so we've had to really focus and spend time stretching you out and working to get you where you need to be so your neck is up to snuff!  That being said, you HATE physical therapy. But you're doing great with it little mama! 
  • Likes:
    • You're starting to really enjoy your devices (swing, rock and play, bouncy seat, etc)
    • Bottles!
    • You like your Soothies pacifiers, but only when you're sleepy
    • You like white noise (the same mountain river sound as your big brother).
    • You like your Baby K'tan + Baby Bjourn carriers. 
    • Laying on your back + being held upright (head over the shoulder)
    • Bath time
    • Your big brother! You two have started to really interact and it makes my heart melt.
Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
  • You're starting to genuinely smile and we LOVE it
  • You had a sleepover/play date with your boyfriend Charlie. 
    You both had a good time until we mentioned the possibility of an arranged marriage...kidding!
  • You enjoyed (read as slept through) your first snow day! ~ 11.20.2016
  • You had your first babysitter that wasn't a family member (1.31.16), Kristi, while mommy and daddy went out with some friends to watch the UK game and then made a night of it.
And that's a little round up of your second month! Love ya monkey.

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