Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Heart Week Recap

The kids and I flew to the Bahamas on Valentine's Day, so we made sure to celebrate "Love Day" the week of so we didn't miss a beat! But like with all things, kids have impeccable timing and this little bit came down with a nasty ear infection right before we were due to celebrate and head out. So it made for a few rough days before we left. I hate when they're sick. It breaks my heart. 
He managed to weasel a new bean bag out of the deal though, so I don't think he was too sad about it. His poor eye was swollen shut because of his infection. 
And he also protested nap time and requested to nap in the guest bed. But a short 20 minutes in he was quickly trying to venture out of the bed and play ...

So he was whisked back to his bed in no time flat. And Lainey thought it was super funny. 
Saturday morning we woke up to surprises!
And Bennett opened his Valentine's from all of his school friends.

The choc-wate was his favorite.
And the balloons, obviously.
And B had one more surprise, a little Valentine gift from mommy and daddy.

Mr. Potato Head!!!!! (aka) HUMPTY DUMPTY!
He loves him ...
And hasn't stopped playing with him since he opened it.
Valentine's Day is a such a silly and fun holiday, but who doesn't love another reason to show our loved ones how much we care?! I know I do! Love you guys too! 
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