Monday, February 29, 2016

Island Time ~ Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe it's already the last day of February! We had FABULOUS weather in Nashville this weekend and made sure to take advantage of as much sunshine as we possibly could. We played with friends, played with each other, and made new friends at the park. These type of weekends make my heart happy! 

I'm back today with part 2 of our recent trip to the Bahamas to recap more fun in the sun. You can catch up on the first part - Island Time, Part 1 here

We woke up Monday morning (2.15.16) and snuggled PaPaw while we watched morning cartoons.  The weather was still a little off, but when we got a slight break we made a bee-line for the pool. These guys are number one pals and if you ask Bennett who's boy he is his answer is "PaPaw's Boy" ... (he may recite that because dad repeated it to him every day since he was born, or it may be because he really is ... no one can say for certain. :) hehe)
PaPaw Pool Days!
That night we chilled, drank wine and switched between the bachelor and the Grammy's. Nice little Monday.
Lainey just couldn't believe Emily's answers to Ben's parents. "I just like to watch movies and I don't eat vegetables." UHM WHAT!?!?
The next morning the weather was PERFECT! So we got all suited up and boarded the boat!

Our first stop was to check out the new Beach House on Lubbers. It's a small island right off Marsh Harbour and my parents are in the process of renovating a house. They've done such a great job with it and I'm so proud of them for making their dreams a reality.

Dad rocked a serious stasche for a day!
Mom handled the decor for the inside and she did a great job!

Lainey wasn't that impressed. :) hehe
But these doors and their color against that white wash! I die. And love it. It's like rustic farmhouse meets the beach and that's basically the greatest ever.
And she adorned the place with adorable little beach sayings.

There's still work to be done, but they've done such a great job! I see lots of good times to be had!And Bennett got started right away! Dance baby!
Lainey perked up and joined the fun too!
And then we headed to Tahiti beach on Hope Town and on the way Bennett spotted Captain Hook and The Neverland Pirates! "Mommy wook! It's Jake!"

Again, Lainey's not impressed. She's a tough crowd.
But Bennett and his sweet shades are all about it.
And naturally, they deserve sweet dance moves too.
Love these two and their tic tacs. It's their thing.
And it's adorable.
And our captain, love him too.
And PaPaw dove in and got Bennett his very own starfish!
Lainey just hung in the shade.
And we beached it until we just couldn't anymore (no pics bc we were too busy building sandcastles) and then we took a little tiger snooze on the ride home.
Then we stopped for a quick lunch at Firefly (one of my fave places) and headed back and got cleaned up for the Wednesday rib roast and dance party at The Jib Room.
Drinks all around!
We snagged a table and watched "Boogie Baby" aka Bennett do his thang.
From Limbo
To making new girlfriends.
To making new friends
He was life of the party. The videos I have are hands down the best ever. It was all eyes on Bennett and he loved it.

The next day we made into another pool day. More naps from Lainey.
And more water for Bennett at the Abaco Beach Resort.

More shade for Lainey.
And more friends for Bennett.
And more booze and books for mommy. Yay!
More snuggles for GoGo.
And more pal time for PaPaw.
It was a good day.
A very, very good day.
The next morning B and I took a walk and had some mommy + Bennett time.
Hammocks make the heart grow three sizes. Or something like that. 
And so do swings.
These two. My heart.
Lainey's snoozing again. Surprise.
Oh and after that, she fell asleep again.
But this little decided to end the day in a different went a little something like this:
Me: Bennett, you're not allowed to go passed that first step unless you take your shirt off and put your swimmies on.
*turn around to set all items required for the day at the pool ... turn back around*
Bennett: Uhm, waht did you say mommy? *Grin* 
Look at this little devil!
More to come, hope you have a great week!
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