Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stitch Fix ~ #3

Howdy ya'll. You read that title right, Stitch Fix came again this month and I was pretty happy with this month's selection. We've still got a ways to go, but I LOVED two of the shirts this go round. Furthermore, it's probably good that they send a few items I like and don't love, otherwise we'd be racking up a hefty bill :)

Thanks to be being laid up, I had a personal assistant with this month's shipment, Penny (my momma) was behind the iPhone with this month's fix. Thanks momma bear!

Item #1 ~ Dolce Vita, Ross Suede Wedges (returned)

  • These were cute, but just too chunky for my style. Plus the yellow color was a little off for me.

Item #2 ~ Fate, Ruby Maxi Dress (returned)

  • This was super cute too, and with wedding season quickly approaching I'm in need of some good Maxi dresses to keep this awesome looking scar covered up. But, unfortunately it didn't make the cut. The outer layer was sheer, and the under layer was one of those shorter dresses and to be honest it was just too short. My little booty would have been making an appearance at the wedding and we just can't have all that. 

Item #3 ~ Paper Crown, Elphias Split Neck Blouse (kept)

  • This was a keeper for sure! It was a great hi-low cut, super flowy, cool and will be an excellent addition to the summer wardrobe. 

Item #4 ~ Market & Spruce, Colleen Cowl Neck Trapeze Knit Top (kept)

  • Another love. This is why I love stitch fix. These are the items I always want to buy, but they're outside my norm and therefore, I usually don't take the time to try them on to see if I even like them. But, thanks to this little diddy, I get to try them on in the comfort of my own home! And I loved it!

Item #5 ~ Just Black, Adorra Skinny Jean (returned)

  • I said it from the beginning, unless they blow my mind ... I'm not keeping jeans. So adios. 

As always, excited for my next fix! Let me know if you end up signing up, I'd love to see your fixes too.

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  1. That blue and white top is too cute! Glad to hear that was a keeper!


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